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Thread: Future of the NSRA

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    Future of the NSRA

    There is an item on the NSRA website seeking volunteers to take part in a workshop to help chart the future course of the NSRA. I note that they are looking for both members an non-members to participate, so please give this the widest publicity within your clubs and associations.


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    My name has been put forward for it but there is likely to be some bias in that the people most interested in the long-term wellbeing of the Association are probably already members. To that end I am running a survey for members of NSRA-Affiliated Clubs, both those who are individual NSRA Members and those who are not.

    I will make the results of the survey available to delegates and organisers regardless of whether I am allocated one of the 35 seats.

    It's anonymous and shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemmers View Post
    Good survey, I completed it yesterday.

    You and the fellow volunteers have my best wishes that you can find a long term solution and find a place for the NSRA.

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