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Thread: Oaks Christmas Charity Shoot Results

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    Oaks Christmas Charity Shoot Results

    I would just like to thank everyone who came along today and gave their time and money to such an excellent cause. We raised 558 as well as the laptop that was so generously donated by Vince. We will be visiting St Winfreds Hospice tomorrow to give them the money and PC.

    Thanks also to everyone who gave raffle prizes including (but not exclusively): Crawley Surplus, Pete Sparks Nick Byrne, Air Arms, and Buxted.
    Thanks to Aaron, Harvey (chef), Steve and Wes for helping set the course and to all who helped pull in the field afterwards.

    Look forward to seeing you all in the near future and hope you have a Great Christmas break. Scores were as follows (note as we had one trophy we gave recoil and junior a 4 point lead to compete against the open class shooters);
    Vince guy was at a charity golf venue yesterday and won a laptop and he came to me and said please except this for your charity..... wowwww top man. Thanks vince.

    Name Class Gun score Handicap score
    Charles Peal Open 55 55
    Wes Micklethwaite Junior 50 54
    Aaron Friend Open 53 53
    Mark Rackley Open 53 53
    Vince Guy Open 53 53
    Mike Byford Open 53 53
    Justin Rayner Open 52 52
    Simon Williams Open 52 52
    Adam Longhurst Open 52 52
    Nigel Wood Recoil 48 52
    Howard Kalisch Open 51 51
    Anwar Ghazi Open 51 51
    Steb Martinez Open 51 51
    Bob Pattenden Recoil 47 51
    Kim Lum Recoil 46 50
    Chris Tyhurst Open 49 49
    Mike Seagrave Open 49 49
    Keith Paddington Open 49 49
    Nigel Buchan Open 48 48
    Gary Morrison Open 48 48
    Simon Whittick Open 48 48
    Graeme Cargan Recoil 44 48
    Richard Nightingale Open 47 47
    Nick Byrne Recoil 43 47
    Roger Dibbens Recoil 43 47
    Russ Connor Recoil 42 46
    Kev Hills Open 45 45
    Rex Bennet Recoil 41 45
    Trevor Palmer Open 44 44
    Steve Micklethwaite Open 44 44
    Dan Hawes Open 41 41
    Darren Purnell Open 40 40
    Phil Jacobs Recoil 35 39
    Harvey Friend Junior 34 38
    Phil Moody Recoil 31 35

    I would like to thank each and every person
    From the bottom of my heart...... thank you.
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    BRILLIANT turn out.
    Thanks to those who organised this much needed escape for a very good cause!
    Rain held off. I held on in that wind

    Think my navy Superdry hoody was taken in error by some Buxted peeps????

    The OAKS
    SIHFT WINNERS 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

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    Hats off to you Graeme and a big thankyou to everybody for being so very generous!

    Vince Guy, you are a star! This is what Xmas is all about, giving to the people that need it and you did that!

    Anwar was 'up the creek without a paddle'... he will understand!

    Thanks to Anwar and Richard for taking me under your wing, when i shouted i haven't got a partner, everybody avoided my gaze and started talking amongst themselves...almost as if they didn't want me.

    Thankyou to all the sponsors, very very kind!

    Have a very Merry Christmas all of you and a great new year!

    Oh yeah! i said i would hit that string didn't i... it was a bit like the Golden Shot! "Berni, The Bolt"!

    SIHFT Winners 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - AND 2014....2015..2016...oh look back at green...running out of colours! Ha!

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    Really enjoyed that - and my new rifle. Blimey, springing isn't easy is it? All I've got to do is learn how to do it ..

    Well done to the organisers. Fantastic money-raising for a very worthwhile charity!!

    Very best Christmas greetings to all,


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    Enjoyed that immensely, bloody good fun
    I have to hold my hand up as I was responsible for Mark Rackley getting a donut, so sorry mate, would have been a top score and I feel (a bit) bad about that. At least I saved you from a shoot off or countback

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    That was one of the most enjoyable shoots I have ever taken part in!

    A massive well done to Graeme for pulling the whole thing together and to everyone else who made today happen, and of course to everyone who took part and gave so generously - over 500 is an amazing sum

    Really good to see the day supported by so many shooters from the other Sussex clubs; I count myself very fortunate to live within easy striking distance of such excellent HFT shooting and such great people who make HFT on the South Coast so much fun.

    Happy Christmas to all, and I look forward to 2018 being as fab as this year has been

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    Great job Graeme - can we have the same next year

    Bloody good job Graeme and Oakies, really enjoyed it. Great turn out.

    Well done to all the brave souls shooting springers today

    Good shooting Seb, thanks for shooting with me.

    And Finally, you are the man Vince, generous in spirit and action, well done.

    Merry Christmas All.
    Swallows HFT
    Air Arms TX200, S400 Classic, SMK X501

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    What a cracking day out A reasonable score, some hot food, a couple of bottles won in the raffle, a decent amount raised for a great charity and Kim's doughnuts to make me smile

    A big thank you goes to Graeme, Charles, Aaron, Harvey and all those who went out of their way to bring us such an enjoyable event.

    See you all soon!

    Merry Christmas


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    All the above...a cracking days shooting and superb ammount raised. Congrats Graeme on the organisation mate thanks to everyone who made it today. Anwar & Rex for the long drive to attend and Vince..what a..Guy you legend mate have a great christmas peeps.
    Aaron and chef jnr

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    F88k that Oak hill and wind lol

    Great cause great amount of money raised and another enjoyable days shooting , great scores in that wind on the hill , not by me obviously .... that'll teach me for fettling the rifle and putting a new spring in the day before the shoot lol.

    Hardly missed anything in the wood , hardly hit anything in the field most def had a bad day lol
    Impressed with Mr. Byrne , first time shooting a springer in years and gets a score like he did and as much as it pains me Kev Hills beat me for the first time with a springer today , but as he was given an open score i still managed to come above him pmsl .

    As i was saying to the inimitable Mr Byford , for me the competition is secondary to the banter and laughs that goes on in our little sport .... which is just as well today as i might as well have been throwing sticks at the targets .
    HW100 Hunting tool, HW97 Paul Short Titanium Piston(goes off quicker than a jews foreskin) Sponsored by Greggs
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    Guys, I consider myself very fortunate to have been part of this wonderful day. Thank you so much to Greame, charles, Aaron, Harvy and all the others that I missed that put today together. And of course Nick for emotionally blackmailing me to get me south of the river. I loved the great company I shot around with and of course the banter made it a great day out. Sorry Justin for baring the brunt of my humour on so many of your misses.
    Does anyone know how to contact doughnuts Anonymous cos I just cant seem to give them up and may be a 0 addict

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    Same next year?

    Great shoot today for most people considering the wind in the field which wasn't too harsh on me! It was a fun shoot for Terry and although i didn't know him it felt great to raise that much money for charity. I'd just like to thank Graeme for helping me re-parallax my gun and although it was doing absolute jack to help me it was kind of him to offer. Anyways onwards and upwards hope to see everyone at this same shoot next year (hint hint Graeme)

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    Oaks christmas shoot

    Little shit. @!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cargs68 View Post
    Little shit. @!!
    This is under club chat and banter Graeme

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    Oaks Christmas shoot

    Thank you for the kind words guys.

    Your right Wes..... same time next year. ????


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