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Thread: Cambridge HFT results 24/12/17 last shoot of the year

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    Cambridge HFT results 24/12/17 last shoot of the year

    Great shoot today, tricky Cambridge rules course with a nasty unpredictable breeze some done well not many tho some spat the dummy and some went home with money and some with whisky Mr Ryder .

    This was our last shoot of the year so a big thanks to the guys who gave the time and suffered the expense to set most of the courses over the year Matt, Stuart, Jake, Wayne and a few others remember those of you that are quick to complain you can always do some yourself and let others judge you!

    Also thanks to the girls who look after us every shoot you are much appreciated also!

    Thanks also to the members and non members who shoot with us. Cambridge HFT is a great club and will be a great place to shoot in 2018! next shoot 14th January be great to see you all have a great Christmas and new year.

    Jill Cochrane 53
    Jack Houghton 48
    Ray Hampton 48
    Dan Measures 47
    Alex Larkin 47
    Martin Slane 47
    Matt Rawlings 46
    Justin Rhone 46
    Matt Mousley 46
    Chris Boulton 45
    Finn Cochrane 45
    Craig Luness 44
    Jon Houghton 42
    Roger Aleong 41
    Wayne Pearce 40
    Jay Bass 38
    Mick Salmon 36
    Graham Bass 36
    Tom Bass 36
    Simon Doney 36
    Linda O'malley 35
    Colin Bass 34
    Mark Jones 32
    Ralph Currie 30
    Simon Honeysett 30
    Simon Eley 26
    Annie Butters 22

    Andy Yates 43
    Keith Warburton 42
    Gary Chillingworth 42 <----- said he was using a new scope
    Rex Bennet 40
    Stuart Smart 37
    Kev Turner 37
    Andy Day 36 <----- just behind chilly with .22 open sights
    Graham Burtenshaw 35
    Jake Day 28 <----- .22 open sights well so he said, still Stuarts bitch

    Geoff Ryder 48
    Mike Isaac 48
    Mike Carney 44
    Jean Greatrex 43
    Dave George 39

    .22 Cannon class
    Jeff Westley 51 <------- 2nd top score on the day
    Simon Vant 45 <-------- went home when he found out he wasn't getting gold
    James Free 43
    Roger Lait 40 <-------- He made me say Vanty went home
    Steve Hermitage 39
    Scott Coe 38
    Darren Plumb 16

    JuniorsAaron Day 34
    Suranne Houghton 22
    Benji Jones 36
    Cambridge HFT Chairman
    HW100 .177 Panorama Theoben Panorama
    HW100 .22 Panorama HW97 Nikon

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    Well shot Jill, that's more than i get on a normal course....
    SIHFT Winners 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - AND 2014....2015..2016...oh look back at green...running out of colours! Ha!

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