As everyone is sitting around and scratching their baubles, we have decided to hold a New Years Day shoot.
30 shot UKAHFT fun for everyone.
Bring whatever youv'e got left over from Xmas (I've got half a box of black magic and some sprouts) and if anyone can knock up some mulled wine then let me know or just bring it.
This is a fun shoot for everyone, so if your'e new or shy, then now's your chance to go target shooting without the pressure of wanting a good score. Besides Simon Vant will probably win this anyway, as he was really angry when he let newbie Mickey Hunt off of a donut and then Mickey slaughtered him round the rest of the course and so needs to make up for this show of weakness.
Sorry for the unexpurgated advert, I'm drunk on chocolate liqueurs!
So, the abridged version...
Kick off at 11.30am, come and have fun, bring mince pies and help me make mulled wine.