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Thread: HRPC New Years Eve Results

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    HRPC New Years Eve Results

    The last HRPC Shoot for 2017 and it will go down in memory as the wettest and muddiest I have ever seen the course. The plinking range was a swamp, peg one was in the middle of the stream, peg two was inches deep in mud, peg three and the rest of the lower half of the course was generally just as bad. Being averse to wallowing in the soggy brown stuff a swift change of plan was called for so 15 pegs at the top of the course were set up and shot twice. As thatís up the hill the land had drained better so not so bad.
    Of course, as is fast becoming the norm I ended up in the river again during set up and am convinced that everybody was hoping I would repeat the performance during a cease fire to reset a target (fortunately they were greatly disappointed). Dave found a useful way of using the mud to descend the slope, slip on to your rear end and simply ride it down.
    All in all for a quiet shoot, in cruddy weather it was a good one to end the year on, great mates, taking the Micky out of each other. Congratulationís to Lol moor for a well-earned 54 and John with his 34. Not bad going seeing as heís only had two sessions at the range with a club rifle and this time he was using mine (and had to put up with me jabbering in his ear. And way on to the scores:

    Lol Moore 54
    Simon Humphries 53
    Peter Fenn 52
    Terry Evans 49
    Steve West 4
    Dave Powel 42
    John 34
    Peter Jackson 28
    Can I also wish everybody a very happy new year and hope to see you all in 2018

    Always make the best of things, it can only get worse if you don't.

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    Mud, mud glorious mud..

    .....Mud, mud, glorious mud
    Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
    So follow me follow, down to the hollow
    And there let me wallow in glorious mud...

    Why oh why, fun, that's why..well shot Peter, good company to end the year.

    Thanks to the setters, good job.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all
    ...the barrel shoots, the stock hits the target...

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