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Thread: Walther CP3 - problem with co2

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    [QUOTE=Discocom;7412860]Many thanks for all the advice. I wonder if the cylinder was slightly overfilled, which caused the problem as working fine now.

    Sorry I was a bit terse there.

    An overfill can give the hammer too much pressure to overcome causing failure to fire.
    Check the weight of the cylinder,usually indicated on the side.
    On my FWB you can let a bit of co2 out if you have overfilled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discocom View Post
    Many thanks for all the advice. I wonder if the cylinder was slightly overfilled, which caused the problem as working fine now
    I have owned several CP1, CP2 and CP3 pistols and have also had a mystery leak now and again that has sealed itself too.

    This usually followed a period of non-use and is one of the reasons why I always try to exercise all of my pistols and rifles as often as possible - leaving them unused does not do them any good at all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nige346 View Post
    These are the sizes you'll need

    Valve seal 6.0 x 2 xxxx OPN 2490021
    Bolt 4.0 x 1 OPN 2472309
    Barrel seals 9.0 x 1.5 OPN 2472295
    Cylinder Seal 14.0 x 3 xxxx OPN 2459817
    Cylinder fitting 15.0 x 2 OPN 2476266

    OPN = Original part number
    xxxx = These must be Polyurethane as in constant CO2 contact
    Many Thanks for the information. I have a couple of cylinders i need to reseal. at the moment I am using my good CP2 cylinders on all the CP series pistols they fit on.
    I looked at the seal force website and they didn't seem to do any polyurethane o rings at least not on there eb-y store
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    If the CO2 is in a liquid state it will need some head space to evaporate into to provde gas pressure. If you're over full then the head space will be insufficient for enough evaporation to take place between shots.
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    Thanks again for the seal advice, will pop into Protek next time Iím down that way (any excuse!)

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    Mark, the link to the o-ring people doesn't show and polyurethene rings.
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