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Thread: Major Hatcher and his BSA rifle in the US

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    Major Hatcher and his BSA rifle in the US

    John’s excellent articles on the Webleys coming to America have focus my collecting effects toward these US variants. He mentioned an article written by Major J. S. Hatcher in the 1925 “The American Riflemen” that first reviewed the Webley Pistol “prototype”. The magazine was a easy find on the bay here and I got a ink stained copy (probably from a fountain pen) for $5. It is such a great read not just for the early Webley impressions but for many other observations. Half the article is on his fondness for his BSA rifle he first tried in 1919. It was certainly a different time! Not sure Major Hatcher would have a fondness for current regulation? Lol

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    He wrote "Hatchers Notebook", still available, which is a must read for all shooters and those interested in ballistics. He did all sorts of trials for the U.S. Army with interesting results.

    Oh to be back plinking on the African plains.....

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