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Thread: To all shooters If benchrest is so easy show me Benchrest competition

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    These are the new NSRA Benchrest cards if you have not seen them

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    I have shot Benchrest for about 10 years,I shoot the Midland League and the UKBR22 .
    My shooting is 22Rimfire but I have tried Air Rifle and won a couple of medals.
    The Midland League shoot a 20yd card,slightly smaller 10 ring ,this seems to me to be the way to go for Air Rifles.
    At the shorter distance I can shoot 3or 4 points better than at 25 own opinion is much air rifles are much harder to get top scores with compared to a 22rimfire shooting.
    High nineties are good I would say and in competition will get you in the medals.
    Indoor shooting is not as easy as it seems as I have found thing like extractor fans
    Change air flow ,hot air ,cold air outside the building can also cause problems.
    Using a bit of cassette tape ect hung from the roof on an indoor range can show changes in air flow.
    As with all shooting being comfortable with your shooting position and your shooting environment is a big part of good shooting.
    In Benchrest the seating position is very important as you should be able to just drop your head to the scope withoutstrain to any part of your body.
    Good rifle,good kit,good ammo,consistent shooting regime,will get you those better scores.John F.

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    Check your inbox!

    Quote Originally Posted by raytheham View Post
    Well, we have been bench rest shooting for a season now.Our results are mixed also, hi mag scopes, a mixture of air rifles,.177 and.22 together with .22 rimfire. Our best scores are in the high 90's and an occasional 100, yet, looking at the results from some other clubs I would like to know what they are using, with results all over 100 and many 100.1s. All our bench rest shooters are very experienced so I wonder what we are doing wrong? Any suggestions gratefully received. We normally shoot light sport rifle and regularly in the medals in ORA, MSL and Cumbria Northumberland leagues.

    Ray, Chairman
    Wantage Target Shooting Club
    Sent pm. David

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    Still time to enter the benchrest shoot show us all how easy it is outside

    Still time to enter the benchrest shoot show us all how easy it is outside
    Benchrest competition

    Glevum Target & Sports Club
    is located at Brookthorpe
    near Gloucester, GL4 0UT

    24th 25th march 2018

    Colin Evans 07946375613 Text only please

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