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Thread: In praise of the old leather seal

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    I suspect that the modern synthetic seal is the culmination of manufacturers attempts to move away from leather seals, which they wanted to do to simplify and speed up production. Webley tried piston rings and later the solid PTFE washer, BSA and others tried O-rings, and eventually the modern and almost ubiquitous "parachute" seal evolved.

    Leather seals work extremely well, but require softening, sizing and lubricating to work. A synthetic seal, popped out of a mould, goes straight onto the piston and straight into the gun. From a manufacturing aspect it's no contest.

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    This is all interesting stuff and Iíve enjoyed reading all these comments.

    I converted my Webley mk 3 to a synthetic parachute seal years ago and it really smoothed the shot cycle out and is within 3fps with a certain pellet ,But this thread has made me want to try a leather seal on my 97 just to see how it feels? I currently run orings as just a test and Iím not liking it much, bit too snappy and quick. I like a soft shooting springer even if it is slower than a short stroke which I gave a few for Hft which are short strokes, but my 97 which I bought from New has always been snappy and harsh compared to friends 97s, so Iíve experimented for years trying all sorts, new cylinders, seals ect but Iíve never thought of trying a leather piston seal which would seem quite a crazy thing to do .......but I think when I get a bit of time on my hands I may just try it.


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