A "playful" wind meant that whilst nobody was totally destroyed today only one person was able to read it well enough to get past the mid 50's. Sometimes there was virtually no wind at all, at other time you had to aim off the plate at 45 yards. Playful indeed. Veteran class winner Linda O'Malley also trumped everyone else with her magnificent score of 56, a personal best. Jeff Westley is also due a special mention - his score in .22 equalled Wayne Marriot's Open class winning score - proof if any were needed that .22 takes less wind ... in the hands of an expert.

Class Winners were decided by count-back, except the springer shooters who felt they should entertain the crowd (yawn) with the longest shoot-off in Cambridge's history:
Open: 1) Wayne Marriot 2) Jill Cochrane 3) Neil Wakelin
Recoiling: 1) Gary Chillingworth 2) Jake Day 3) Matt Goodson (welcome back Matt!)
Veterans: 1) Linda O'Malley 2) Keith Warburton 3) Mike Carney
.22 1) Jeff Westley 2) Stu Deeks 3) Scott Coe
Juniors: 1) Tom Taylor 2) Ben Jones 3) Suranne Houghton

Thanks as always to the course setters (not sure who it was we need to blame this week, sorry!), and to the Catering Crew. Next shoot at Cambridge - Sunday 25th

All the scores:

Linda O'Malley 56 V
Keith Warburton 53 V
Bill Chaplin 52 V
Mike Carney 52 V
Dave George 47 V
Ken Phillips 43 V
Alan Measures 42 V
Mick Salmon 30 V

Garry Chillingworth 51 S
Matt Goodson 51 S
Jake Day 51 S
Steve Martin 48 S
Dan Measures 48 S
Rex Bennett 46 S
Andy Yates 45 S
Mel Marshall 40 S
Andy Day 39 S
Matt Mousley 37 S
Justin Rhone 37 S

Wayne Marriot 55 O
Neil Wakelin 55 O
Jill Cochrane 55 O
Dan Sutton 55 O
Simon Vant 54 O
Chris Boulton 54 O
Ralph Pressland 54 O
Jack Houghton 54 O
Mark McCarthy 53 O
Andy Ireland 53 O
Mel Wakelin 50 O
Martin Slane 49 O
Darren Taylor 49 O
Steve Edmonson 48 O
Stuart Smart 48 O
Ray Hampton 48 O
Matt Rawlings 48 O
Jon Houghton 48 O
Finn Cochrane 46 O
Simon Eley 46 O
Mark Jones 38 O
Liz Osman 32 O

Tom Taylor 48 J
Ben Jones 44 J
Suranne Houghton 34 J

Jeff Westley 55 22
Stu Deeks 49 22
Scott Coe 47 22
Des Morris 45 22
Steve Hermitage 44 22