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    7 10.61%
  • >160/yr, no Range Fee

    4 6.06%
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    13 19.70%
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Thread: Club Membership Fees

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    Club Membership Fees

    I'm interested in how much we spend to "get through the door" for shooting. Naturally prices vary, depending on whether clubs charge a range fee per visit, and the facilities available (or whether they have no range and use a county or another club's facility). As a result, the poll will be a bit of a fudge, but do your best and add context in the comments. You can also pick more than one option if you are a member of multiple clubs.

    Also, what would you consider "maximum"? Obviously that's a bit subjective and based on quality/availability of facility (some places are superb yet open once a week, others are more modest but you can get a key and go buddy-buddy shooting whenever you like), but it'd be interesting to compare ideas of what people consider a fair price for somewhere to shoot.

    My Club Membership is 150/yr with no range fees (indoor .22 25yd, 10m air, outdoor 50/100yd), and I am an Annual Member of the NSRA (84), so my annual subscriptions come to 284.
    I usually shoot at least one NSRA Open Meeting (Airgun/50m/Bisley Week), so being a member chops 20 off the entry fee, so arguably you could say I spend 264 since I'm doing that meeting anyway, not because I'm getting a discount.

    For context, other local clubs look like:

    Archery: 169 (120 Club, plus 49 Capitation collected for ArcheryGB)

    Council Gym: 350.80

    Gliding Club: 384 (334 Club plus 50 capitation for BGA) plus 8/launch and minutes (for club gliders)

    Golf: 500-1000/yr plus 20-65 Green Fees (Staffs/Shropshire, not Surrey!)
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    Blackburn, Lancs. (under a bridge)
    Rivington Riflemen. 70/yr for adults (reduced next year for re-joining.) O.A.P.s 45. Juniors (-17) free.
    Free tea & coffee. Free air for pcps. Free paper targets .... and a pot bellied stove.
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    Ramsey, Cambs
    Isle Target Sports Club, 25 and 50 yd outdoor firearms range, 40m(?) airgun range, clay ground, practical CO2 and archery areas. (Planning permission granted for a 100m range)

    135 a year, for Firearms, and if you're an RCO you can have a set of keys and shoot when you like, as long as theres at least 2 of you....85 for OAPs or Disabled.
    85 for Airgun and Archery only, 55 for OAP and Disabled

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    Nov 2005
    New Milton, Hampshire
    My 2 outdoor ft ranges are 35 (Range fee 3, optional to upgrade to no range fee, think 50) and 50 no range fee.
    My indoor 25yd range is 65 plus 2.50 (I think) Range fee.

    Nsra membership which I use to cover my coaching (and will now look into for kit insurance) is 85

    I could drop the Nsra and it would therefore drop my cost per visit down.

    Max is subjective as a full ft course with 50m indoor range open 24/7 with support amenities on my door set would be worth the other 3 clubs combined at least. But how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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    I belong to Aldersley NSRA range in Wolverhampton.
    It's 20 a year and 5 a visit.

    You need to belong to the NSRA which I believe is 85 a year.

    Facilities are pretty good. Approx 30 X 10m points. Around 8 X 6 yard points.
    All indoor. Together with a 25m Rifle range.

    There is also an outdoor range. But that is seldom used.

    There's a shop. Compressor. Boiler for tea/coffee. Plus toilets.

    Also a pretty good heater for the colder times.

    Enjoy shooting there. So lucky to be close to where I work, so a short detour on the way home a few nights a week.

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    Nov 2011
    Chorley; somewhere to the SW of I.J. (fortunately)
    Quote Originally Posted by I. J. View Post
    Rivington Riflemen. 70/yr for adults (reduced next year for re-joining.) O.A.P.s 45. Juniors (-17) free.
    Free tea & coffee. Free air for pcps. Free paper targets .... and a pot bellied stove.
    You didn't mention 5 x 10 metre firing points with target changers and a 7 firing point standing, kneeling or seated 40 metre plinking range or the coaching available.
    Nowhere to go no hurry to get there; ----- well I suppose it is somewhere to go.... you'll be able to meet Andy (from up North) there

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    May 2009
    Herne Village, Herne Bay, Kent
    We pay 23 per month on a standing order, and no evening / Sunday attendance fee.

    For our money we have these facilities:

    2 x 10m ranges , 10 firing points.

    1 x 25m indoor .22 / fullbore range, 4 firing points.

    1 x 50m outdoor .22 range, 6 firing points. (also use for informal airgun shooting).

    Heated clubroom with hot and cold refreshment facilities.

    Modern toilet area with disabled facilities.

    A gunroom for maintenance and storing guns between details.

    Free targets.

    The Club is open 3 nights a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 19.30 - 21.30 hrs, and Sunday morning 09.30 - 12.30hrs.
    ATB, Paul
    Airgun Captain at >>Swalecliffe and District Target Shooting Club <<
    BASC member
    Member of the HW30S fanclub

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    Sep 2011
    Bangor on Dee, Wrexham
    Flexsys, Wrexham.

    40 per year, 1 range fee. Free targets and tea and coffee. Indoor 25m, 6 firing points.

    Three Stags Shooting Society, Free membership but 20 range fee per session as we use a private range so book it for our exclusive use. Outdoor range, 100m plus 5 x 15m bays for practical shooting.

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    Nov 2001
    Blackburn, Lancs. (under a bridge)
    Quote Originally Posted by mikec4 View Post
    You didn't mention 5 x 10 metre firing points with target changers and a 7 firing point standing, kneeling or seated 40 metre plinking range or the coaching available.
    I left that up to one of my minions.

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    Mar 2001
    near rotterdam,netherlands
    E230 (euros). No range fee. You pay yr own cards and ammo.
    Its a FA club though, not air.
    10/12m and 25m range
    Not all FA calibers allowed. Max 9mm/.45ACP and .30M1 for rifle

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    May 2011

    Crewe Rifle and Pistol Club

    130 per annum for adults
    60 per annum for juniors
    A family membership is also available which gives discount off the juniors fees

    No range fees

    Club is open 7.00 - 10.00pm Monday to Friday, 2.00 to 5.00pm on Tuesdays and Sundays, 10.00 - 2.00pm on Saturdays

    Clubs consists of: 4 x 10m air only points, 2 x 6 yard air only points in one rage and 5 x 25 yard points in another range.

    Nice warm clubhouse with kitchenette including fully stocked refreshment fridge. Screens to see all targets in both ranges - banter is rife!!

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    Shebbear, N Devon
    We must be pretty cheap then.

    Annual subs 30. Outdoor range (5 acres, permanent FT and HFT, speed shoot, plinking) 1 a visit. Indoor range 20 yards bench rest and LSR 3 a visit. Free air, free tea and coffee but please bring some milk, and take your turn to get the diving bottles topped up.

    I pay for full NSRA membership partly to back up my club instructor qualification with PI insurance. Ask for Rich and try the coffee

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    Apr 2018
    Been using a scout hut for 30 odd years one night of 3 hrs per week. 35 annual subs and 1.50 range fee for the 3hrs. However rent may double soon which will mean 50 subs and 3 range fee as that is the major revenue stream.

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    Aug 2010
    SHIPLEY west yorks
    Ikley R&PC, Membership adult 100 per yr.student 25,junior 20.
    Range fee 2 per visit
    buy your targets and pay comp entry fees.
    Four lanes indoor, all lanes can be used for 10mtr(auto changers),20yds LSWR and Sport Air Rifle,25yds prone and 25yds Bench rest,
    Tuesday and Friday evenings prone rifle, other nights mixture of.
    Small kitchen(tea coffee chocky bicks 30p) flush loo and a car park.
    Qpen 24/7
    Don (match secretary)

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    Jun 2008
    Dundee .ex wearsider
    Tayside AGC 80 yr membership, 60 seniors/student, family membership available
    Indoor 37yd range open 24/7, air station 20p a fill
    Outdoor 2x 30 target HFT range, plinking range, club hut with heating and cooking facilities. Open during daylight hours 7 days a week
    Air 20p a fill, pellets/ co2 at cost price
    Club guns to use, free paper targets.

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