Hi All

Pretty certain that all of you who want/need to know are already aware .... that this coming Sunday (22/4) sees the Ford HFT crew hosting BOTH the Southern Hunters (17/18) final round coincident with Round 2 of the 2018 Sussex Interclub.

There's only ONE entry fee to BOTH comps - BOGOF finally comes to HFT - and scores will count for both comps, opening up the opportunity for those that wish (and shoot well enough) to claim/purchase a badge or two.

Detail of the location and timing are contained in the thread HERE

Any questions, please post on this thread and not the one linked above, where chatter and 'bumping' is against BBS rules.

Please help the sanity of those undertaking the booking in, which is bound to be a little more complicated than usual, by ensuring you announce which club you're from and which class you're entering. There are differences as SIHFT does not currently sport a Veterans class and SHS does not split Juniors in to two groups.

For those of you who entered SIHFT Round 1 at Mile Oak the other week, badges earned in that round WILL (yes .. they've arrived) be available as you BOOK IN.