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Thread: AA S200 Bells & Whistles - Poor Results

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    I'm no expert but I always thought that excess noise was attributed to excess air??
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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitslayer View Post
    Standard hamerspring wound out just between a half and three quarters of a turn out from flush. Filled to 190 bar using AA Field 8.4Gn and got just over 70 shots at 11.5 ft/Lb. So a little better but considering it's a bigger than standard air tube, I still should be looking to get another 10 - 15 shots or more.

    I'm wondering if I should increase reg pressure back to the original 95 bar setting (I reduced to 85 bar) or would this use up air quicker?

    Incidentally, does anyone know a way or have any tips on how to know whether the barrel port is 100% correctly in line with the transfer port? I obviously check that that the two grub screws used to secure the barrel are seating properly within the barrel recesses but before tightening there's still a bit of play. Given the small tolerances involved, no doubt even the very slightest amount of misalignment will have big effects.
    to get a good idea pull the barrel out look at the two locating dimples they should be in line with the barrel transfer port , I would mark the barrel breech face with a line showing the position of transfer port and the two locating dimples, they should be in line. mark the action body with the transfer port position, if you remove the pellet tray you can do this. then measure how deep the port is inside the breech block and also from the face of the barrel to the port, you can also see the breech block transfer port position if you remove the locating grub screws. now you have both transfer port positions and measurements to see if they do meet up, also you can slide the barrel in and visually see enough to "guestimate" . imo, a worth while "mod" is to have two oring grooves machined on the barrel ,one each side of the transfer port. that will stop if any air escape " my mk1 & 2 did not have any so I thought it wouldn't hurt" I don't know if the mk3 has any ? atb gc93..

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