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    Kral Puncher NP-02

    I picked one of these up at the Northern Shooting Show , or should I say we picked up two.
    My mate needed no persuading as soon as he saw this rifle , but myself being a little more cautious lasted all of ten minutes before making my purchase .
    The look and style are very similar to the FX Verminator mk1 with a tube under the barrel and a bottle that becomes the stock at the rear. A rather nice Turkish walnut pistol grip houses the trigger . Although the trigger appears to be single stage only , it is not unpredictable like some cheaper spring rifles . You get the feel of it quite quickly as is demonstrated on Blackpool air rifles Facebook page , where they have emptied a 14 shot magazine through a ragged hole .
    The rifle fills to 200 bar and despite having over 500 cc air capacity the shot count is quoted as 200. I have not yet counted how many shots I get, but let's just say it's a lot , a heck of a lot .
    The rifle has a side lever to the left which is great for us south paws and not that bad for a right handed shooter either.
    Initially having read previous reviews about Kral punchers I was a little sceptical to say the least . However I must point out that these reviews were about the Puncher Breaker not this fine rifle the Puncher NP-02.
    The only minor issue that I have found is setting the scope to get enough eye relief.
    I got around this issue by fitting a Nikko Panamax scope with enough relief. You could also use adjustable or reach back mounts .
    The rifle chronoed at 11.6 ft / lbs and is as accurate as the person behind it . Tiny spinners at 60 yards , ragged holes on paper .
    In the field it proved itself completely. Matched with a 3 point sling to carry it , it felt no weight at all .
    It happily dealt with both rabbits and woodpigeons with ease . I'm sure it would also prove to be an excellent Ratter as well .
    On the evening we spent in the field it rained , and rained . Once back indoors the little rifle had a wipe over with an oily cloth and was left overnight to dry out . A good wipe all round with ballistol oil and it looks like new .
    This is looking like an extremely good buy for the 349 that we paid and a welcome addition in the collection. It comes with 2 magazines , fill probe and a hard case.
    An even better offer here , that I have no connection with , but it does give the specs
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