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Thread: Stoeger XP4 Air Pistol (HW40/Beeman Clone Type) Very Cheap SSP With Potential?

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    Stoeger XP4 Air Pistol (HW40/Beeman Clone Type) Very Cheap SSP With Potential?

    Quite a few months back when Stoeger had released pics on there website about this Italian designed Pistol, I was quite excited as it looked very nice from those pics and having owned plenty of HW40ís and the Beeman clones over the years this was certainly on my radar.

    I had emailed a few local RFD dealers about stocking this pistol but never had any real replies to an eta or if they had even planned to stock them etc.

    Yesterday whilst looking on Gunstar, I accidentally noticed a dealer had listed the XP4 pistols but with no pictures which got me thinking if they were available local.

    A quick search and solware had them listed so a quick stock check confirmation and I was on my way to Tamworth to go and get one regardless as they are £49.99 so well worth a punt considering the cheapest Beeman clones are now £65 at my local RFD it was time to try something else anyway.

    First impressions in the shop were ok nothing special and the test pistol that I was given had a slightly sticky trigger so I assumed someone had been playing about with it or it just wasnít right.

    So a box fresh pistol purchased and off home for a closer look.

    Nothing else included just a simple box and polystyrene along with instructions.

    It looks ok in the flesh although disappointing compared to the original website pictures as the finish is a little on the cheap side although for £49.99 I canít grumble too much.

    So on to a quick indoor 6 yard session and oh dear

    The pistol cocked and worked ok similiar to the cheap Beeman but not as nice as the HW40 thatís for sure.

    I hadnít worried about the trigger as it felt pretty good to be fair and wasnít sticky like that demo version.

    But the grouping was constantly to the left and mainly low no matter how much adjustment made to the rear sight, I couldnít get it to move the POI

    So hmmm must be something not right time to have a closer look.....blooming hell it was the barrel which was loose

    I could spin it round and move it up and down it was fairly sloppy but strangely wasnít that noticeable when I was testing it.

    Itís certainly why it was all over the place

    I removed the barrel after taking the two screws out and removing the fitting plate.

    I did notice the barrel has made in China written on it so no surprise there of itís origins.

    I thought the only way to secure it better without going stupid tight on those screws that hold the plate over the barrel was to shim the barrel where it fits into the plastic half moon receiver.

    Bit of heat shrink cut to size around that area of the barrel where it secures and a nice perfect and snug fitting without having to go mental now screwing up the plate screws.

    Then back to the garage 6 yard range and yes itís now all ok sights adjusted better and POI much better

    In conclusion for £49.99 itís pretty reasonable and has budget potential.

    The overall finish is a bit lacking though certainly feels cheap and only really looks nice from a distance.

    It is what it is I guess itís rough in places the loose barrel is typical of todayís hastily built to a budget and thrown out the door quick criteria but certainly a different option to the cheaper Beeman if you fancy some cheap SSP (Single Stroke Pneumatic) fun

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    Few more pics

    Fibre optics, granted not everyoneís taste and the rear sight is a little fragile but are nice and bright and pretty good for my garage range

    Looks like a potential rail to mount a laser perhaps

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    A good honest review well done. Doesn't inspire me to buy one, but I'm not a lover of ssp, hard work to cock, low power and some of mine were prone to leaking.

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