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Thread: Sussex Interclub HFT 2018 - Round 4 Results

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    Sussex Interclub HFT 2018 - Round 4 Results

    Hi All

    As already mentioned in the SIHFT Facebook post, Horsham Hawks today deserve a HUGE thanks from us all for putting out a course to challenge the best; and plenty of the best were present.

    We had light and dark, and then some very dark. We had range traps (which cost me half of my dropped points). And we had the sort of breeze in the field we all dream of – right to left, left to right, nothing; rarely two the same. Actually those dreams are more commonly known as nightmares. Hey ho.

    But at least the early rain stopped and didn’t return and the ground was pretty much dry.

    I’m sure I heard Phil J mutter that he’d expected clearances, but only 3 got close – with superb 58s achieved by the lady of the day (Jill – who enters Open class, just to show us up), plus Si (in shorts, as always) and Phil-the-man himself; all ages and genders covered the top place.

    Horsham also equaled Swallows a few weeks ago in having just two stoppages. Can any other club beat this stoppages PB? For those unaware, I gather that the pulled target on lane 11 was due to the target mount’s failure – the thing fell over and it was impracticable to re-erect it.

    Anyway, here is the full set of results ….. layout rubbish as before, since my PC's ability to use the BBS 'paste from Word' function has ceased to do so.

    Name Club Class Score % Badge T(eam)
    Jill Cochrane Maldon O 58 100.0% G T
    Philip Jacobs Horsham O 58 100.0% G T
    Simon Williams Oaks O 58 100.0% G T
    Kevin Catt Meon Valley O 56 96.6% G T
    Roger Dibbens Buxted O 56 96.6% G T
    Kevin Maw Buxted O 56 96.6% G T
    Bill Chaplin Maldon O 55 94.8% G T
    Kevin Hills Buxted O 55 94.8% G T
    Lewis Hodges Oaks O 55 94.8% G T
    Mark Rackley Meon Valley O 55 94.8% G T
    Nigel Buchan Buxted O 54 93.1% G T
    Mike Burgess Swallows O 54 93.1% G T
    Adam Longhurst Buxted O 54 93.1% G T
    Maciek Pajek Horsham O 54 93.1% G T
    Charles Peal Oaks O 54 93.1% G T
    Gary Chillingworth Maldon R 53 91.4% G T
    Vince Guy Swallows O 53 91.4% S T
    Lol Moore Ford O 53 91.4% S T
    Mike Seagrave Meon Valley O 53 91.4% S T
    Alex Larkin Maldon O 52 89.7% S T
    Abigail Maw Buxted J 52 89.7% G
    Kevin McMenamin Visitor O 52 89.7% S
    Bob Pattenden Oaks R 52 89.7% G T
    Justin Rayner Buxted O 52 89.7% S
    Paul Somerville Meon Valley .22 52 89.7% G T
    Graeme Cargan (O) Oaks O 51 87.9% S T
    Howard Kalisch Buxted O 51 87.9% S
    Jon Newton-May Buxted O 51 87.9% S
    Eoin O'Brien Visitor O 51 87.9% S
    Neil Parrott Meon Valley O 51 87.9% S T
    Roy Pearce Iden Fern O 51 87.9% S T
    Simon Whittick Horsham O 51 87.9% S T
    Kevin Wickson Buxted O 51 87.9% S
    Spencer Bailey Buxted O 50 86.2% S
    Paul Bradford Buxted O 50 86.2% S
    Scott Somerville Meon Valley J 50 86.2% G
    Bob Brand Maldon O 49 84.5% S T
    Nick Byrne Oaks O 49 84.5% S
    Carla Chambers Swallows L 49 84.5% G T
    Finn Cochrane Maldon O 49 84.5% S
    John Cooper Visitor O 49 84.5% S
    Martin Armstrong Visitor O 48 82.8% B
    Russ Connor Buxted O 48 82.8% B
    Nigel Grigsby Meon Valley O 48 82.8% B
    Lawrence Peal Oaks O 48 82.8% B
    Barbara Pearce Iden Fern L 48 82.8% S T
    Dave Standing Swallows O 48 82.8% B T
    Greg Wilmshurst Swallows O 48 82.8% B T
    Ivan Edmiston Buxted O 47 81.0% B
    Gary Morrison Buxted O 47 81.0% B
    Trevor Palmer Buxted R 47 81.0% S
    Justin Roberts Ford O 47 81.0% B T
    Paul Charman Swallows O 46 79.3% B
    Harvey Friend Oaks P 46 79.3% G
    Steb Martinez (O) Ford O 46 79.3% B T
    Keith Paddington Horsham O 46 79.3% B T
    Jean Greatrex Maldon L 45 77.6% S
    Phil Moody Horsham O 45 77.6% B T
    Stewart Elstone Buxted O 44 75.9% B
    Stuart Peal Oaks O 44 75.9% B
    Doug Falcon Buxted O 43 74.1%
    Derek Watson Horsham R 43 74.1% B
    Mary Rackley Visitor L 42 72.4% B
    Don Vickers Meon Valley .22 41 70.7% B
    Sarah Vickers Meon Valley L 41 70.7% B
    Mike Harding Horsham R 40 69.0% B
    Ally Stewart Buxted L 39 67.2% B
    Dan Austin Horsham O 38 65.5%
    Aaron Friend Oaks O DNF

    Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you spot anything you think is amiss. A few of you tapped me on the virtual shoulder after the last SIHFT and I am happy to put right any wrongs.

    Prize drawer winners today were :
    • Eoin O’Brien – the £35 cash prize, and
    • Roy Pearce – the Air Arms goody bag, for which an IOU was issued (verbally) by Charles

    Team scores today and points are:
    Club Round 4 Cumulative Points
    Buxted 275 46
    Oaks 270 46
    Meon Valley 267 38
    Maldon 267 29
    Horsham 254 34
    Swallows 252 27
    Ford 247 30
    Iden Fern 247 24

    Ford and Iden Fern required lucky-dip cards, Iden needing 3 and Ford 2.

    There are a couple of ‘things’ going on next week (minor stuff such as the UKAHFT at Rivington and Emley Moor), but I give my usual sign-off wishing you safe and happy shooting wherever you are until we meet again in two weeks (1st July) at the place we all know we can ‘clear’ - Buxted

    Rapid MkII .22, AA400C .177, AA MPR .177, AA Prosport .177, AA TX200, AA FTP900, HW75 .177, HW45 Silver Star .22, and my dear ol' Webley Ranger .177 (circa 1966) SWALLOWS FIELD TARGET CLUB - WEB SITE Air Arms HFT Team member

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    One of the very best HFT courses that I have ever shot - thank you Phil and the rest of the Horsham crew; you chaps should take a huge bow!

    5 years of shooting HFT, and I'm still learning - today's lesson = always re-zero when you open a new tin of pellets.....

    Finally, thank you to Mike, Charles, and the Sussex clubs that make the SIHFT Series happen - it is surely the very best (in fact, in my books it is the only) way to spend one's summer.

    Roll on Buxted in a fortnight

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    Great fun today, a really well thought out course - thanks Horsham
    Cheers EDBOC

    Buxted HFT - Sussex Interclub Winners 2017 & 2018

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    Thank you Hawkies,

    As a fellow course setter I really appreciate the effort you guys put into setting out that course. As Mike said the use of light and dark in the woods was smart as was the use of the undulating terrain and the weird wind was a bonus. I take my hat off to Jill, Phil and Simon, cracking scores

    See you all at Buxted.

    Save time, see it my way

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    That was a very well thought out course, nothing seemed easy and nothing seemed very hard but was still caught out by some deviously placed targets. Add some looney Horsham wind and you get a very testing and enjoyable course.
    Well done Hawkies.

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    Thank you Horsham!
    Very enjoyable course.
    Think i might be cleaning my barrel more often (Thank you Charles )
    The OAKS
    SIHFT WINNERS 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

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    Cheers Phil and crew superb course. very well thought out. Cheers from me and jnr

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    Quote Originally Posted by si7777777 View Post
    Thank you Horsham!
    Very enjoyable course.
    Think i might be cleaning my barrel more often (Thank you Charles )
    Too right, awesome shooting, well done Si.

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    Unfortunately I was double bucked this weekend in Blackburn so couldn't make what sounds like a great day. Looks like Sarah Millican was way funnier than some of your scores. Top bombing Jill. Buxted is always there for the taking. See you all there.

    ISP Airstream MK3 SN/03 NF NXS 2.5 -10 X32mm mildot
    ISP Airstream MK3 SN/24 NF NXS 2.5 -10 X32mm np-r2
    ISP Spartan Classic SN/02 Leupold VX2 3-9 x33mm duplex

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    Proper Job

    Thanks to all the Hawkies who helped put on a spot on morning's entertainment.

    It was a pleasure Paul...still annoyed about peg 30
    ...the barrel shoots, the stock hits the target...

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    Yes a great course with a few tricky targets, 29 took me a good few minutes to find. Thanks for the tips and patience Lol, sorry I put the mockers on your clearance.

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    Really enjoyed the shoot last Sunday . Looking forward to some more practice this weekend then onto buxted

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