It was a cool, slightly breezy day that greeted the brave souls who decided to shoot at MAD, but the sun did shine!

Unfortunately Richard had to work so left it to the rest of us to muddle through, although Ian was on hand for the catering. Thank you!

The course was a slightly tweaked version of the Masters that had been shot the previous week with the supported positionals re-instated!

Scores are as follows:

Neil Wakelin 56
Jill Cochrane 54
Richard Bailey 52
Alex Larkin 52
Mike Averill 51
Jennie Stone 51
Darren Quincey 50
Jeff Palmer 49 (beaten by his daughter using his gun!)
Shaun Eustace 49
Paul Winfield 49
Geoff Ryder 49
Steve Edmondson 49
James Winfield 48
John Weaver 47
Martin Scannell 45 (first hft comp)
Chris Theodoulou 45
Kevin Clark 43
Darren Knights 42
Richard Knight 39
Tony Mansfield 27 (first hft comp)
Stephen Arnold 24 (first hft comp)

Tony Ward 54
Finn Cochrane 53
Bob Brand 50
Mike Issac 49
John Prophet 44
John Miller 44
Jean Greatrex 40

Vince Holland 51
Danny Roff 49
Rex Bennett 48
Andy Yates 40

Marlon Slater 40
Dean Auger 40

Penny Holland 49
Mel Wakelin 44

Emily Palmer 50
Reece Eustace 44
Hayley Knights 39
Brandon Roff 35