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Thread: hw 44

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    hw 44

    NO WAY JUST TO EXPENCIVE just cannot justify the price
    well hang on ---
    I got one and I like it still think it should be cheaper but it is a good pistol
    its got good points and a couple of bad
    adjusting the trigger you have to dismantle the thing to do it --but mine was fine out the box
    come on hw sort out the silencer mount what a pile of crap that is wont last a week if I bought one
    the mags are a bit different to the hw 100 and it should have been designed around those
    now the good points that explain the price
    100 plus shots per charge
    very good trigger out the box
    good sights
    even I can hit what I point it at freehand -- coke bottle top at 20 yrds and I cannot shoot a pistol

    so yes I still think its to expencive but I can live with that as its all about hitting what you shoot at

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    Got one a few months ago and Iíve bought a case large enough to take pistol with silencer on it because I do believe what Clive says that itís not the best mounting system
    You will probably loose the little screws if you keep taking it on and off
    Apart from that the gun is superb and shoots very accurately and easily out to 25m
    Iím finding it to easy at 10m thatís how good this pistol is
    My trigger straight out of the box is superb and Iím not going to touch in case I make a mess of it
    Cheers Don

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    I had a hold of one another club member was using. It felt really good in the hand so I refused to shoot it as there was a serious risk of me starting to really want one
    WANTED: Next weeks winning lottery numbers :-)

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    Romford, Essex.
    Thinking of getting one for club 10m Range...

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    The magazine is the more compact one from the HW110, and better for that. Once the mount for the silencer has been screwed on with the 2 grub screws, the body of the silencer can be unscrewed quickly, looks a bit ungainly with the exposed threads, but no doubt an aftermarket thread protector will come along. So quiet too. Great pistol. SMW Engineering make a single shot loader for both calibres, what's not to like.

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    thought about getting one but the price put me off

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    Sold mine

    I had one for a few months flogged it after 3 months.

    there was too much plastic and cheap nasty die-cast alloy in it - reminded on the cheap.nasty material that Walther Make the R8 out of.

    It was accurate but now was was it £620 worth.

    I might get a Steyr pistol next (hopefully that will decent quality.

    It was accurate though and almost silent with the mod on.

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    Everyone says it's too expensive, but compared to what?

    Can someone name a multi-shot PCP pistol of the same quality, accuracy, shot count and fun factor which is cheaper?

    I have a HW44 and a Steyr Evo10, the Steyr is much better for target work, is a million times more adjustable and it's sights are much better, BUT a good shooter with the HW will murder a middling shooter with the Steyr every time in my opinion.

    I've used the HW with it's own sights, a red dot and the Weihrauch scope and it's a great gun with any of these.

    You can also buy a single shot adaptor or just load a single pellet into the side of the magazine and index it twice to use it in a crude single shot mode.



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