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Thread: Oaks Winter Open results 17th March 2019

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    Oaks Winter Open results 17th March 2019

    Many thanks to everyone who has course set or helped pull targets in all through this season and of course to everyone who comes along and shoots the courses.

    The end of season league trophies were awarded to the following today:

    • Open 1st Roger Dibbens
    • Open 2nd Kevin Hill
    • Open 3rd Lol Moore
    • Recoil 1st Nigel Wood
    • Junior 1st Harvey Friend

    League table will be uploaded to the Face Book page for Mile Oaks

    The scores today were as follows:
    Roger Dibbens Open 54
    Lol Moore Open 54
    Kevin Hills Open 52
    Charles Peal Open 52
    Justin Rayner Open 52
    Ewan Hobbs Open 52
    Richard Woods Open 52
    Alex Larkin Open 51
    Philip Jacobs Open 50
    Kevin Maw Open 50
    Aaron Friend Open 49
    Mike Burgess Open 49
    Philip Moody Open 49
    John Newton-May Open 48
    Darren Purnell Open 48
    Lewis Hodges Open 48
    Graeme Cargan Open 47
    Kevin Wickson Open 47
    Nigel Buchan Open 47
    Steve Brittland Open 46
    Vince Guy Open 46
    Roy Pearce Open 46
    Howard Kalisch Open 45
    Gary Morrison Open 44
    Gary Channing Open 44
    Michael Seabourne Open 44
    Darryle Bundock Open 44
    James Crabtree Open 44
    Nick Orr Open 44
    Richard Simpson Open 43
    Barbara Pearce Open 42
    Owen Wilson Open 41
    Barry Wade Open 39
    Martin Nicholls Open 39
    Paul Charman Open 38
    Mark Belgrove Open 34
    Jean Greatrex Open 31
    Nigel Wood Recoil 51
    Bob Pattenden Recoil 49
    Harvey Friend Junior 42
    James Belgrove Junior 38
    Gabrial Hobbs Junior 31
    Abi Maw Ladies 47

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    Thanks Oakies for today’s shoot.

    That was an experience in the field today, 😬 really enjoyed trying to work out where to aim!!
    Cheers EDBOC

    Buxted HFT - Sussex Interclub Winners 2017 & 2018

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