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Thread: Pro Sport - .177 or .22?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyebull View Post
    It's about time I treated myself to a new rifle, for a long time I've wanted some kind of Air Arms and some kind of underlever for the collection - not massively keen on the looks of the TX200 but I've always though the Pro Sport was a beautiful rifle.
    Definitely going for the walnut stock on this one, but the question is do I go for .177 or .22?

    I tend to prefer .177 for its ballistics, but is there a noticeable difference in the firing cycle between the PS in .177 and .22? Is it at all fiddly to load and does caliber make a difference?
    I know some springers run much better in .22 and it would be handy to know if the PS is one of them.
    Have you shot a Pro Sport - ?
    Like quite a few, I'm not very good with them, whereas I get on well with the TX200's
    This topic has come up before, Pro Sport is not a rifle to buy unless you know you get on with is the usual consensus ..

    About time AA stopped putting stocks on with a ridiculous bias too, but then you notice that more if you live with a leftie
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    I can only echo what's already been said - the Prosport is a very nice rifle in either caliber. It is easy to to strip and work on. Like any other, it does benefit from a bit of love and attention 👍

    In my experience, delrin guides will improve the shot cycle.

    I've heard some complaints about the shape of the underlever causing some discomfort on a long session - I reckon you could negate this with a plastic strip inside the bit of channel.

    I'd probably go .177 for the flatter trajectory and the option of shooting competitions, if you might choose to go that way later.

    All of the above.

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    .177 in walnut.

    My only regret with my PS is that it's in beech.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eyebull View Post
    Good to hear guys, thank you.
    What are they like to strip down and work on? Are they as straightforward as the TX2000 is meant to be?
    Easy, there's almost no preload on the spring. I v mached mine a and didn't have any bits left over at the end.

    Very nice to shoot, like a pcp that's come to life. Mine is 0.177. Very smooth well controlled recoil.

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    I had a lot of trouble getting the power back once i'd ditched the heavy top hat.
    Tried a new genuine piston seal, breach seals, new Airarms spring & power washers, ended up buying a full face seal from Australia and that solved it.
    Never had that issue with the Tx! I assume air was leaking down the centre where the piston protruded through.
    Loved the gun though, just a little awkward to load sat down next the bench pulling the cocking lever towards it.

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