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Thread: Scope recommendations

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    Scope recommendations

    Iím after a new/used scope mainly for bench rest shooting.
    I like a lot of magnification.
    The 2 Iíve been looking at are the Hawke sidewinder 30 8-32x56 and the Konus pro m30 8.5-32x52.
    Both can be bought sub £350 either new(konus) or second hand (Hawke).
    If you have any experience with either of these or can recommend something different any views would be appreciated.

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    I've had lots of the Hawkes - like 8+ over the years as I went through a phase of having similar scopes on lots of my guns.

    They are great value for money and can now be had for just over £200 second hand. They are a good entry level BR scope as they have good magnification, optics, repeatability and the extra weight is not a big deal on a bench. In this price range I can't recommend them enough for your intended use, and it will also be fine out on the range for spinners etc, if a touch heavy to take hunting

    I now have gone to x50 mag scopes for my BR use, not that I actually use the x50 mag, but typically scopes perform better at less than their maximum abilities, so if you can stretch to it then dropping £450 on a Big Nikko mk3 is not a bad way to spend some cash - and you will get your money back on either of these scopes selling them in the future, so both are brilliant and cheap to own.

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