as it's not a forthcoming event. In fact it's a not coming event.

Not just in copycat mode, but SIHFTers will no doubt have anticipated this ......

Yes, following the announcements popping up all over the place about cancelled competitions, whether individual events or whole series, the 2020 SIHFT is hereby officially kaput.

While I am aware and very pleased to see that some clubs are beginning to open up for a few (desperate) members - I'm one of them - and there are many people across the UK and abroad with all their fingers crossed that some larger scale events may be possible in the latter part of this year, SIHFT will hopefully return in 2021.

One good thing is that, whenever we do get back together, there is no risk of us failing to have the badges ready for Round 1. The 2020 stock (which do NOT carry a date ) are already waiting in the packets for you to win 😃 As long as we can recall where we've stored them.

We will be posting the dates of the next series here as soon as it's clear that SIHFT 2021 can go ahead.

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