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Thread: Pro Sport cocking lever scuffing the stock

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    Pro Sport cocking lever scuffing the stock

    The cocking lever on my Air Arms Pro Sport is leaning to one side and scuffing on the slot in the stock. With the help of friends at my shooting club Iíve tried loosening the cocking assembly at both ends and jiggling it, but it doesnít appear to have any play in it, in order to reposition it to the centre. It also looks straight, not bent.

    I canít find any information on this anywhere. Iíve tried emailing Air Arms and they say to send it back to them, but it shoots brilliantly so that seems over-the-top.

    Anyone seen this before and know a solution?

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    I remember being able to centralise the arm by tightening and slackening the side stock bolts.

    Check they are not too tight as this pulls the stock in from memory.
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    Have you taken the action off the stock lately ? I would do this and replace as the first port of call.

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    I bought a new AA Pro Sport that had a bent cocking lever from the factory, rubbing the stock like yours.

    Shouldnít have passed QC, but AA rectified it under warranty by fitting a new cocking lever and the block the lever attaches to.

    All good now.

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