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Thread: Patriot Ordnance Revolt .308 AR10

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    Patriot Ordnance Revolt .308 AR10

    First of all, the title of this post, this is not technically an AR10 as that description is typically reserved for the original Armalite iteration of the 7.62x51/.308 rifles in an AR type platform
    Think of this as an AR10 clone, but with one major difference, it is straight pull out of the box!

    I picked this rifle up a few weeks ago, brand new and ready to go, my video description below tells you what you need to know spec wise and features, but I want to talk a little more about accuracy and how it fairs on the range.

    Video review:

    Living with the gun.
    So far the rifle has only had around 100 rounds through it but I have a load worked up for it that is sub MOA, in fact, probably nearer half MOA which came a lot quicker than expected.
    The rifle has an 18 inch barrel, 5R rifling on a 1:10 twist, it is allegedly a match grade barrel according to POF USA who manufacture these guns, with the right load, it is supremely accurate.
    I had started with my best long rifle .308 load but soon found that the shorter barrel wanted a heavier head to match the length/twist, and I settled for the SMK 175g and Sierra TMK 175g with RS52 powder, this worked well and Im getting 2620fps with the TMKs which group at 1/2 MOA. I doubt I will ever need to go down as far as 155g heads, but may try some 168s, reckon they will be fine.

    It is a heavy rifle compared to my old CMMG .223 AR15 which is due in main to the barrel, the rifle is actually based on an AR15 sized platform as opposed to an AR10 size which have a larger upper and lower. This rifle has a unique-ish bolt carrier group that is the same size as an AR15 BCG but has a larger .308 bolt head.

    The trigger unit is a Patriot drop in unit, it has a pull weight of 4lbs, slightly heavier than I have been used to but its not bad at all, no creep single stage but has strange design which has a funny little curve for the finger.

    In summary, and that was a quick overview, its a great gun, accurate and good looking.
    I love this rifle, looking forward to getting out to some distance to confirm the loads and feel it will do well. Ive always been a fan of the AR
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