We regret to announce that we have had to make the decision to cancel this year's Worlds at Weston Park.
While COVID-19 cases are still declining the virus will still be circulation in the general population for some time or until a vaccine is successfully developed.
If as seems likely we do see a second peak the government would quite possibly close down activities or regions with little or no advanced warning, we also have a significant number of potential competitors who are still shielding or in the at risk category, we do not intend to put these folk at any more risk than they might already be.
By giving this length of notice people have time to make other arrangements for September and cancel hotel bookings.
Your booking for the 2020 WHFTA Worlds will be automatically transferred to the 2021 Worlds, as soon as we have confirmed dates in 2021 we will publish them, if anyone cannot make the new dates please notify Pete Sparkes.