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Thread: New member introducion.

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    New member introducion.

    Hi guys,
    I am a new member, my gun is a SMK used for mucking about in the garden but have recently inherited 4 vintage guns. I have sold 2 (probably cheaply) but will post asking for valuation advice on the other two. Cheers.

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    Just to say hello, Been plinking since I my dad brought home the awesome (to me ) Relum Tornado complete with underarm cocking arm and tap loading and about half a foot pound of go. Went from that to a HW77k, HW 80, Sharp innova and a repeating Brococok Bullpup that never ran right. In the armoury today is a pair of LP50s one match class and the other for err improvement, a BSA superten MK1, sako finnfire Varmint, berreta 12 bore, an unidentified Czech silenced 410 with a barrel like a drain pipe and matched pair of sideby sides. I also like motorbikes boats and fishing. Keep safe everyone


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