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Thread: Variable power hw99

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    A lot of interesting thoughts here. I suspect it is down to a combination of things that you will most likely never resolve. One of the great mysteries of springers ... remember that two examples of the same model can differ in their pellet preference.
    Cheers, Phil

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    Different springs will give different results, if you get two springs that are both exactly the same, you've already had a miracle.

    I have a .22 99s myself, tried wth different springs but always the same piston/piston seal, with the harder spring, they were all closer to 11 fpe, with the softer Titan No. 10 spring it gave different results altogether, I aimed to set it around 11 fpe, it came out at 11.3 with Exacts and RWS superfields,both 15.9 grn , it was only about 10.4 with the lightweight RS 13.4 grn but the Superdomes came out around the 11.9 mark 14.6 grn , so I reduced it a little bit to stay in safe limits, but the Supedomes are the middlewieght of all the pellets , but make the most power by quite a bit from all of them. I wouldn't worry if you get such variations , just stick with the most accurate pellet in that barrel, just make sure no other pellet can take it over the limit and don't worry about all the figures , accuracy is what you are after, if you hunt ? A rabbit would not know the difference between a 10 fpe gun and a 11.5 fpe gun, where you aim and hit is the main concern. My gun would actually produce a 3fps spread with superfields, but they weren't as accurate as some of the other pellets .

    Probably all down to your barrel, how it likes certain pellets and how the spring sends that air pulse down the barrel when you fire, harder faster spring sending the pellets off quicker than the softer spring that catches up with itself later in the firing cycle .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damned 69 View Post
    My query was that with one 99 the power spread between 3pellet types was relatively close, whilst the spread with my other 99 using same 3 pellets was what I would consider rather large at 1.6ft/lbs.
    Those Hw star nut barrels in 22 ...emm........

    As others have said - Combo of spring / seal set up / TP size, barrel choke (if any - or on hw if any intentional or barrels pinched for open sights) / lead in on throat of barrel

    If I have a springer that handles most pellets within .5 ftlb - result - never sell that one then !
    If I'm selling something I might take unopened pellets I shoot for a swap instead of money if items are below 50

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