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    Mad sunday monthly

    Our regular Sunday Monthly will take place on the 6th of June.
    A brand new full UKAHFT approved course, beckons seasoned and novice shooters alike, to pit their wits against.
    The course, of course, will be as ridiculously easy as ever, and now that you've done a few comps there's no excuses.
    Also on offer is the infamous Bainbridge burger, along with other equally as dubious cuisine. Don't forget that the burgers are now guaranteed to have "animal pruducts", so the quality is definitely there!
    We will of course be giving a plethora of gold and bags stuffed full of cash away in our raffle. We actually guarantee that winners will receive enough cash that they could replenish the ammunition used during the shoot.
    Some changes will be in place due to the ongoing pandemic, they are listed below, failure to comply will mean refusal to the shoot and ejection from the grounds.
    Entry costs are 10 for non members and 5 for members, kids of course go free. Kick off at 11 am.

    You must have the correct money on you, that's includes entry fees and catering, no exceptions.

    You must be wearing a mask when you pay, no exceptions.

    You must be wearing a mask in the car park area and when ordering food, no exceptions.

    You must stay at home if you have any covid symptoms, or indeed if you feel less well than normal, no exceptions.

    You must bring your hand sanitiser with you, although the club also has plenty to hand, no exceptions.

    I could continue with this, but I think you get the idea, let's be covid safe/aware, so we don't end up locked down again
    Rich. for address and info etc.
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    M.A.D FOR IT!

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