Thank you to the moderators for allowing me on this forum.

I live in the North East and retired a few years ago and like many had one of the old springers ( BSA Meteor, I think) when much younger.

Itís kind of odd how I got back into shooting again but I was in Bagnall & Kirkwoods on Grey Street in Newcastle buying some fly leader for my trout fishing when I got chatting about the air rifles and was fascinated how much they had advanced; anyway, I left with a spool of 5lb. Fluorocarbon, a Weirauch Hw100, Hawke telescopic sight, 3ltr air bottle, case and a tin of pellets.

Love the rifle, so quiet and amazingly accurate.

Iím fortunate that I have relations who own a farm so Iíve loads of space to safely use it.

I now also own an Air Arms AA510 Extra FAC which is useful when longer range is required and getting the license was easy with the farm as a suitable permission.

Happy to share any experience with these rifles and the night vision which I use which is mainly the Pard NV007 although I also have the Digital Night Stalker add-on.