This shooting malarky is costly. First daughter mentions she wants to try again, then I decide "I NEED" some guns from my

Carbon bottle well out of test date so another bottle ordered, and some scopes and pellets and gun rests and ...... longlist.

Wife and daughter both have Bejamin Discoveries, air escapes when filling, tried cocking and still the same. Wifes bolt
sounds like its moving inside a packet of cornflakes. Started inspecting and it looks like someones filled it with said
cornflakes also? Slightly yellow(ish) crumbs fall out, thought seal had broken up or the grease they used had
set rock hard? Could be worse I thought it was rust in the cylinders at first. New seal kits ordered for both.

Then it comes time to fill my old FN19, oh dear this is not going well another leaker. Another set of seals ordered.

Got a cheap pump to test the pressures so I dont waste all the air from the bottle. That doesnt work either, just

Starting to think that maybe I should have stuck with springers, then I had the memory of the crunching noise from my
last springer a Webley Vulcan midway through a course. Not a sound you forget easily.

What grease do you all use when assembling PCP seals? Is the red rubber grease sold at Toolstation etc. suitable?
Is that just silicone grease? Or will I need something actually labelled silicone grease?