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    Depends a little on what you will use it for, but I have had a lot of different PCPs over the years, Rapids, Falcons, Steyrs HW100's, daystate Air Ranger, AA Pro Target, AA NJR 100, AAEV2, AA400x 3, AAMPR400 x4 and a few that I have forgotten.

    But, for your budget AA400 every time. There is no gun that is more accurate than a 400 no matter what you pay for it. I should know I own two Steyrs which are fabulous, but no more accurate than any of the three 400's or four MPR 400's I have shot with. I can shoot just as accurately with my AA MPR 400 as I can with my Steyrs or Air Arms EV2.

    They are cheap for parts, easy to repair and simple to work on if you are mechanically minded. I have shot a few S200's and the are nice with a great barrel, but not as nice as a good 400 in my opinion.

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    In my PCP stable at the moment, all 500 and under.
    Weihrauch HW100
    Weihrauch HW100K
    AirArms S200
    AirArms S310
    Airarms S410

    To be fair, there isn't much between them in accuracy. When I say much, the HW's have the edge, but its down to the width of a .177 pellet @45 mts. But then again this could be down to the pellet brand that suits the gun. So I'll make a sweeping statement and say they are all as good as each other. Bench rested, all of these put a pellet inside a pound coin @45mts

    You'll struggle to get a decent HW100 for less than 500 quid. The AirArms can all be got for 300-450

    The AirArms are simple to take apart and service yourself. The HW's are a far more complicated animal.

    If 600 quid is your total budget, all of the above should be within range with something like an MTC 3-12x44 Viper

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