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Thread: Kandar CP1 .22 pistol

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    Kandar CP1 .22 pistol

    Hi one and all been rooting about in my cupboard which is out of sight out of mind, in there I have 2 Kandar CP1 .22 pistols one with standard wood finish and Excelvan r/g sight on and another in black Cerocote finish with scope and red dot laser, also Benjamin E9a .20 pistol have a old Haenel .177 and a Ace .177 German made air rifles I think around 1930-40 all in good order what values price wise are they worth(I know what ever someone is prepared to pay)not being sarky would like to know please as more into section 1 pieces, Thanks .

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    Hi, do you have a ball park price for the e9a? And maybe a pic to see condition. I used to have one years ago and would like another to play with.
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    CP1 will fetch about 60-70 each as standard. EB9 probably round the 100 unless it's boxed, then a bit more. Not sure on the rifle but would need pictures to identify type and condition. Same with the Haenel, but that could be worth good money depending on model
    Iwould initially guess at about 400 for the lot but boxes, sights etc could add to that. hard to say without seeing them.

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