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Thread: General Shooting Tips

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    General Shooting Tips

    Tip Numbers 1 to 10
    Tip Detail
    1 Join the Airgun BBS
    2 Always treat rifle as if its loaded
    3 Always keep your hand on the barrel or underlever of a springer when cocking.
    4 Join the BASC and/or BASA and join an airgun club
    5 Squeeze, don't pull or jerk the trigger
    6 check charging equipment before use for tightness.
    7 Never point a weapon in jest.
    8 Always try a gun before you buy
    9 Never leave a loaded gun unattended....even for a second
    10 if its got a safety catch....use it

    Bullbarrell and many others
    Another Old Git.

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    Thumbs up Tip No.3.

    Supermick is right.

    Tip no. 3. Allways keep your hand on the barrel when loading.

    One week after receiveing my lovely used, spotless BSA Lightning .22 I 'brushed' the trigger whilst the gun was cocked. Apart from almost taking my eye out as is shot back up with an incredible force it cracked the stock in half (hair line) and damaged the barrel. This is no joke as a replacement barrel alone is £60 + from BSA. Never mind replacing an almost new stock with a brand new stock. It doesnt take Stephan Hawkins to work out that around £100+ is what a used (unscoped) Lightning goes for on here.

    I was only lucky that BSA informed me the barrel only needed realigning i.e. re-positioning in the mechanism, and not straightening, that i saved my self the £60 for a new barrel.

    Listen to Supermick.
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    The most imprtant tips are:-

    Never ever point a gun at anyone or anything that you don't intend to shoot.

    Always treat a gun as if it was loaded even when you know that it is not.

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    I dont have a safety on my new S&W 586 so I keep the barrel plug in it even when its not loaded and right up to the point that I have chosen my target and am safe to fire.
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    Habits can be bad for you, but this is one that can save your life, or someone elses. You know that on a range you prove your gun is empty before you leave the firing point. Do it to your shooting companions every time you move position, or get in a vehicle, or put your gun down. Even if you are alone, do it for yourself. It becomes second nature and you won't even notice it after a while, but it can save a lot of pain, trust me! The other thing that pays is always, but always being aware of the direction your muzzle is pointing when walking round with the gun. Treat all safety devices as defective however well they work, and you will not go too far wrong. There are no excuses and no reasons to justify the claim it was an accident, so make sure it can never happen. Its down to you!!
    Join BASC. You know it makes sense!

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    Exclamation another good one

    when you are shooting at something look in the background, you may miss and its best to know where the shot will go if you do

    confidence is good but dont underestimate it

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    one more

    never rush anything. i was shooting with a mate a few weeks ago and as im new i tend to get a little excited. So i cocked the hammer on my single barrel 12 and waited for the shot that never came. time to move to another location and i went to uncock but being in a rush i got the timing wrong and it went off. fortunately i had the muzzle up as it should be but no matter what the gun rushin isnt fun.

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    I know that this is an old thread but I just found it and it made for some good reading.

    I'd like to add my own to the list.

    There is no such thing as a "safety" on a gun. You are the safety.

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    If you have to put your fingers in the breech of any gun such as a 97,77, Pro sport,TX or similar for any other reason than to load..(maintenance etc) insert a piece of wood or similar material to stop the breech removing your fingers in the event of mechanical failure. When cocking any spring gun always keep a firm hold of cocking lever or barrel whilst loading.
    Be Safe Shoot safe

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    i always got taught that just because the safety's on it doesn't mean the gun won't go off

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    Thumbs up BSA Scorpion air rifle

    Tip: Remember even without a pellet in the rifle, a cocked/charged air rifle is potentially dangerous. Discharging a air rifle in any state should only be done in a safe direction. This includes cleaning felts.

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    Some basic stuff that can be taken for granted. Sometimes you need a good reminder like this!

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    The OCD rule of shooting

    The OCD rule of shooting: If you think a gun might be loaded, check it. If you're sure it's empty, check it!
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    Hope this is the right place for this, and I'm sure the vast majority of posters here don't need to be told, but after seeing some truly shocking idiocy on youtube I think it's worth saying:

    1. Wild animals are not there for target practice.
    2. Never shoot anything that's not: a recognised health hazard (e.g. rats, feral pigeons); an agricultural pest (e.g. woodies, crows); known to be excellent with red wine (e.g. rabbits, woodies ).
    3. Small game only.
    4. If you're not killing consistently with one shot, stop hunting and go back to target practice until you improve.

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    Gun safety

    Hi Guys I'm new to airgunbbs but reading this thread and posts an old poem came to mind that ny old dad recounted when I first took up shooting. Although it was written for shotgun shooting I think it applies to all aspects of shooting. Anyway here it goes: A Fathers Advice

    If a sportsman true you'd be
    Listen carefully to me. . .

    Never, never let your gun
    Pointed be at anyone.
    That it may unloaded be
    Matters not the least to me.

    When a hedge or fence you cross
    Though of time it cause a loss
    From your gun the cartridge take
    For the greater safety's sake.

    If twixt you and neighbouring gun
    Bird shall fly or beast may run
    Let this maxim ere be thine
    "Follow not across the line."

    Stops and beaters oft unseen
    Lurk behind some leafy screen.
    Calm and steady always be
    "Never shoot where you can't see."

    You may kill or you may miss
    But at all times think this:
    "All the pheasants ever bred
    Won't repay for one man dead."

    Mark Beaufoy - 1902

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