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    starting in FT


    Please bear with me on this one - although it's probably been done a million times before but circumstances for me are just a bit tricky at the moment. My young lad is ill in hospital - just been transferred to the Radcliffe in Oxford - treatment now excellent- but he's not a well 12 yr old and will be in for at least another week.

    Would like to get him a scope for his Titan MPT - to get him shooting when he comes out of hospital - and would like something suitable for FT (which I have no experience of) and the scope needs to be fairly compact for the small rifle and he is a very small chap.

    Suggestions please? Up to, say, 200 - but could go higher. Money not a major issue.

    (I do have a 6-24 x 40 Tasco TR on my Daystate but would prefer to keep it there although it is still a definite possibility.)

    Thanks in anticipation!!

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    Have a look at the Swift 8-32 front focus. It's light, good optics, and 189 from BAR. Alternatively the Bushnell 4200 8-32 can be had second hand for about 275. Very similar scope.

    Sidewheel scopes are more common than front focus in FT but by and large they are heavier, bulkier, and more expensive. The Leupolds are lighter than many but again among the most expensive.

    We have had juniors (age 14 and 15) in our club enjoying their shooting immensely and doing well enough to beat their fathers with better kit, using S200 rifles with Varmint 8-32 scopes that were remaindered at 80. The Swift or the Bushnell will be quite good enough until he is older and bigger. The very best of good luck to him.

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    Have a look in the sales section here, there are some Copies for sale that are getting huge reviews at the price of about 75 quid they are a fraction of the "real" thing. There is a review on them in the review (where else ) section.
    Hope your lad gets better soon,

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    Do you know anyone with one of them ZOS Side Wheel scopes from China.

    A few @ PARC have them. I got one for my grandson.

    For around 100 inc' post & insurance, they take some beating.

    Then go to Optics Wharehouse:-
    And get a Deben Side Wheel about 16

    Do a search on eday .

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    Thanks Guys

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