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Thread: My permission letters

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    Thanks for putting this up found it very useful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackel View Post

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is XXXX XXXXX, I am a XX years old air gun hunter living in the xxxxxx area. I am writing to you concerning any pest control problems you may have on your farm and farm buildings.

    There are many species of pests including:

    Feral Pigeons: In areas close to towns they may use nearby farm buildings and lofts for a night-time roost. Ferals carry lice and their excrement is both toxic and disease ridden including tuberculosis, encephalitis, lyme's disease (pigeon fanciers lung) paratyphoid, ornithosis, toxoplasmosis, and a type of flu. All these diseases are potently fatal they also cause untold crop damage.

    Rats consume and contaminate feed as well as chew through electric cables and nest in the walls of buildings, silos and water tanks. They also carry a pretty nasty disease called Weil's disease which is life threatening.

    Crows and magpies: These animals carry lice and a host of other parasites, they damage the nests of songbirds, by raiding the nests and eating the eggs. Crows have also been known to attack newborn lambs.

    Rabbits can dig up your paddock causing holes which stock may injure themselves, they can also burrow under the footings of buildings causing them to be unstable. Rabbits have been known to consume considerable amounts of feed laid out for stocks in paddocks.

    The above lists the more common species but there are also jays, jackdaws, rooks, collard dove, grey squirrel, magpies, mink,and foxes.

    I am fully licensed and a responsible shooter, and an active member of the Cleveland gun club, I would be willing to sign a total disclaimer for any injury that I occur whilst on the property.

    I shoot with a whisper-quiet air rifle, but I also have the option of using an rimfire rifle, or shotguns, that are all able to humanely dispatch these pests safely, and especially the fox.

    I am a courteous, patient and intelligent person by nature, always willing to learn, and follow instructions to the letter. I ask nothing in return for my services other than a continuous right to hunt the property and a friendly wave as I come and go.

    I will dispose of all pests off the property and any quality game such as rabbit or pigeon first offered the property owner.

    Thank you for giving me a little of your time, I do apologise to any anti hunters I may have inadvertently sent this letter to, but rest assured I am doing my best to actively promote safe hunting and removal of pest species.

    If you are interested in my services please write to me at the address above, call me on xxxxxxxxxxx (home) xxxxxxxxxxx (mobile) or EMAIL me at xxxxxxxxxxxx thank you, I hope to hear from you soon.

    Pest removal disclaimer

    This document is to certify that ____________,of ________________, has been given permission by the
    owners of __________________________ to hunt on their property for pest species such as

    All hunting will be carried out with a _______________________________________

    And all care taken to ensure safe shooting practices whether in open countryside or around buildings and structures.

    All hunting will take place between the hours of ______________, and __________on days deemed appropriate by the owners, with a "double check " phone call made the night before any proposed hunt.

    All pest species eradicated will be removed and disposed off of the property by the hunter and regular reports on pest removal success forwarded to the owners.

    No payment is asked for in return for these services. However a signature on the following disclaimer would be appreciated to cover both parties in the event of damage to property, injury, or death.

    I, XXXX XXXXX, having been given permission to hunt _______________________, do hereby renounce and
    relinquish any claim to my personal injury; my death and whilst on the property for the purpose of pest

    Signed: ____________________ date_________________

    I, _______________________________________, having given XXXX XXXXX permission to hunt___________________________ accept all terms and conditions of this disclaimer and agreements entered
    into forthwith.

    Signed: ____________________ Date__________________

    Dear Course Manager

    It may be of interest to you that my father and I offer a free pest control service to golf clubs and to farmers, helping to remove vermin (rats, crows,magpies, rabbits, etc) discretely and quietly as not to offend, usually using standard air rifles, however,we are both shotgun certificate holders. I also hold
    a firearms certificate for rimfire rifles. We are both members of the air rifle shooters association
    with a personal liability of two million pounds.

    If you were to use our services all that we would require from you is written approval stating that we have authority to shoot on your land.

    I hope that you will give this letter consideration and remind you that a rabbit problem is a costly one if left unchecked.

    Please feel free to contact me on my E-mail address, which is xxxxxxxxxxxxx or on the above phone

    I thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

    Yours faithfully

    Tel xxxxxxxx
    Mobile xxxxxxxx
    E-mail xxxxxxxxxxx

    Dear Sir
    I am writing to you with regarding vermin shooting rights in the Cleveland area. I know that most estates have their own shooting syndicates that control the vermin. If possible could send me details or a map of
    your boundary's so as not to approach your tenants?

    Yours thankfully

    The first one I normally send to farmers, 2nd one is a disclaimer, 3rd one I send to golf courses and the 4th one I send to shooting estates or landowners

    Just chop and change these as you see fit as a template

    Sorry about the text just cut and pasted from my email folder(now altered)
    Great very useful

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    Got a few pems at the moment but its always nice to have more, will give them a try, cheers

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    Very helpful especially to the likes of me who is just starting up.

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    Hi Jackal,

    Really appreciate you posting these - I have a golf course nearby that I may reach out to in sue course.


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    Great letters, very useful to one just starting out

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    Looking to get back into shooting after giving up a few years ago, not having time to get out and about and life just generally getting in the way! Excellent letter to get lashed out to the local landowners this! Thank you Jackal

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