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Thread: Tuning an Hw 99s

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    HARDRAR Guest

    Tuning an Hw 99s

    Anyone any first hand experience of tuning one of these neat little springers. Do Venom do a "kit" for them. Fancy sorting one for short range ratting and ferals.

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    bozzerman Guest
    I tuned a mate's in .22.

    When he bought it , it was doing about 9-10fp.(seals were trashed)

    After tune it was doing @ 11.5fp.

    I suppose Venom do a kit for this gun. I used the original spring. Usual stuff....squared off ends of spring. Fitted a proper fitting rear guide and top hat. New piston and breech seals. Polish up the internals and proper lube.

    There wee a lot of burrs around the cocking slot and the area at the front of the compression tube where the cocking link goes through.

    Shot really sweet after tuning.


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