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Thread: Idiots guide to classic airgun strips (pt 1)

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    Thumbs up Idiots guide to classic airgun strips (pt 1)

    Here is the link to the Index that Phil has done. And check out this thread, particularly the info that Phil has put up about springs. Ok--here it is. I apologise for it being simple and not having any pics as Im a computer idiot and cant do links either.
    I dont have a spring compressor or a vice so we are talking basic here.
    TOOLS-- a small hammer. Buy yourself a set of pin punches from Chronos or the like (about £9 for 8),screw drivers and posi,s, A flat stubby screwdriver with a fork ground in it, a small block of wood (to press barrel plungers in with ), A larger piece of wood (to place on the floor when you refit mainsprings), files and needle files, some dowel (to wrap rag or kitchen paper round to clean out cylinder and piston), cotton buds (for delicate places) ,small paint brush (for painting gn paste onto stuff),solvent ( I use meths and then isopropyl alcohol from the chemists), some latex gloves to keep handies clean( guarantee you will remove them at 1st problem), Rigger gloves (to push down when fitting mainsprings) AND a bit of steel tube with slots cut in it so you can push mainsprings and guides down and push pins through the cylinder. Its not ideal but safer than screwdrivers. I got some bike saddle tube and ground slots in it. For smaller diana,s and webleys, a socket is better. On to part two.
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