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Thread: How to find a new club

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    Watford and District Rifle Club

    W&DRC is a small club based in Watford in Hertfordshire which is primarily a small bore rifle club for .22rf at 25 yards 50m and 100 yards, we also have an indoor air pistol / rifle range with electronic targets. We shoot quite a few postal leagues throughout the year as well as go to Bisley to shoot full bore rifles at greater distances about thirteen times a year. W&DRC is affiliated with both the NSRA and NRA. The club contact details are easy to find on the internet.

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    st austell

    hunter field target air gun club in cornwall

    hi all my son and i are looking for a hunter field target club in cornwall and or a plinking range , I want to get my son into air rifles as his shotgun is killing my wallet on the clay ground

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    Thanks loads of clubs and info here

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    Herne Village, Herne Bay, Kent

    Swalecliffe and District Target Shooting Club

    Looking for new members in and around East Kent

    We have for use:

    One 25m indoor range for small bore and full-bore up to .455" - four firing points

    One 50m outdoor range for .22 rifle - 6 firing points (also used for airguns and archery)

    Two 10m indoor ranges for air rifle and pistol - 10 firing points with electric target changers

    Ammo sales - smallbore, fullbore and target air pellets

    Heated clubroom with kitchen facilities - tea, coffee, microwave, choccy etc.

    Two toilets, one with disabled access


    Internal CCTV

    Free parking nearby
    ATB, Paul
    Always looking for new members at the Swalecliffe and District TSC in sunny Herne Bay

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    Quote Originally Posted by AD_K View Post
    If anyone is look for a target club in the South London, Surrey, Kingston, Surbiton, Morden. New Malden, Esher, Epsom, Norbiton, area etc.

    I can help! I know all of the clubs and have great links with them.

    Be it Air, FAC Air, 10 Metre Air, Full bore, small bore, benchrest etc.
    The only thing I cant really direct on is Clay shooting.

    I'd be happy to help anyone looking!


    Ps. Excellent thread Hemmers! Very thoughtful.
    Where’s the club based

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    Ilkeston Pistol & Rifle Shooting Club

    Ilkeston Pistol & Rifle Shooting Club.

    We are a small relaxed club based in Ilkeston derby with a 25 mtr indoor ( airgun and .22 rim fire) range which we shoot on a Thursday evening 7.00 pm till 9.00pm and we have a few new membership slots available.

    We have access to other ranges to use larger calibres.
    We do postal competitions throughout the year.

    If you're interested or want any more information drop me a P.M.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hightower View Post
    I've decided the time has come to find a Club. I shoot .22 Rifle and am in need of a plinking range but have recently
    bought a .177 Webley Pistol and need a 10m/25m indoor range. Any ideas or recommendations?

    failing that the NSRA clubfinder

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    Newquay, Cornwall

    Looe Rifle Club

    We are a club situated approximately 25 miles away from Plymouth, in Looe, Cornwall.

    We are currently in the final stages of rebuilding our club as we were hit with an arson attack two years ago. However the building stage is now complete and we are having the electrics done at present with the aim of being back open again for the summer!

    It's a friendly club that is open to any and all prospective members irrespective of previous experience, age, etc. We use a wide variety of arms for target shooting (once we re-open!), on our 25yd indoor range, ranging from flintlock pistol up to and including .44 Special. Fullbore rifles can be used provided that loads are downloaded in order to comply with the range lbs limit. Although we are currently unable to shoot due to the rebuilding works, we are taking on new members.

    We also welcome shooters from other parts of the country who may be down on their holidays and wish to pop in to keep their eye in and have a look around. In order to do so, please contact the treasurer whose details are on the website in order for us to accomodate you.

    Please feel free to drop in and have a mosey around our website here (I know it's not the most professional in the world but it's the best I could put together with free web building tools!).

    And being that we live in the modern age and it's the year 2020, we also have a Facebook page!
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    North East

    Looks like the line of field target clubs stops at York, that's a shame, I'd have like to have had a look and see the difference between archery field target and air gun field target had there been any in the North East.

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    Wakefield Rifle & Pistol Club


    I'm the Secretary of Wakefield Rifle and Pistol Club, based in the centre of Wakefield West Yorkshire.

    We cater for many target shooting disciplines and have several indoor ranges:

    7 lanes of 10m Air rifle & pistol with electronic retrievable targets

    4 lanes 25m Air rifle & .22lr for 3 position and bench reset

    5 lanes 20yds Air Rifle and Fire arms including black powder & long barrel pistol.

    We are open to new members on both Fire Arms and Air Gun sides - reduced membership fee for Air only.

    New member evenings are held on alternate Wednesdays which need to be booked through our membership system.

    More information can be found here:

    We're a friendly club welcoming people new to shooting as well as those who've been shooting for some time.


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