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Thread: What to do with empty co2

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    Great idea the amount I have thrown away!

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    Great idea! I have a huge box full of the things in the garage, I wasn't sure what to do with them for scrap... I shall weigh them in, and proceeds go to charity. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul55 View Post
    H4H is a very good charity, but I would like to see some go to the RSPCC & McMillan Nurses.

    I will of course go with the majority on this.
    Yeah. I think a pool of charities would be better, making sure that they cover different topics and either UK wide or some from different parts of the UK. I tend not to just donate to one charity (particularly big ones, because many of them run like businesses with half the money going on executive salaries) and I know quite a few folk who do the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sol1821 View Post
    at bisley last week i noticed they were collecting empty co2 cartridges with the aim of selling them off as scrap. i would assume the money goes to charity or something.

    so i was thinking why doesn't the ubc do the same, collectively we must get through a lot of co2, and if we all collected them and brought them along every 6 months when we meet up they could be sold on as scrap and the money donated to charity.

    aparantly they are worth 2.5p each.

    so what do you think??
    any ideas for a charity? I would have thought help for heroes would be as good as any.

    Community fundraising that involves people's 'waste' is a fantastic idea. 2.5p per cartridge will soon mount up to a decent amount.

    Help the heroes is very deserving

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    CO2 empties recycle

    Hi I think this is a great idea and will suggest it down here in Gloucestershire. It has always concerned me the amount of potential wasted metal being thrown away rather than sold for scrap and re-use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikarma70 View Post
    already on the case,we could also weigh in the empty pellet tins as both capsules and tins are magnetic.....let you know what reply I get from the scrap dealer.
    I’ve got loads anything that could help somebody I would donate

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