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Thread: Springer ? 200yds possible ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowie View Post
    I have more experience with rimfire than airgun but I have a hw100 .22 and find this story of this guy hitting a can freestanding at 100 yards a bit far fetched
    So do I, set out a roses tin last night at 100yds rested on a bag and managed to hit within the size of a saucer
    with all the shots. Standing hitting tins mmmmmmmmm That was with a 10-50 nikko on full mag.

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    I've seen a guy hit a 4 inch rimfire spinner at 80 yards freestanding on open sights with a HW80And then repeat the featon more than one occasion.I will admit it was an FAC powered gun putting out 21fpe but I know he can do it with his sub 12 guns.I can do it with my hw97 from a sitting position with my elbow rested on the bench. I can break clays out to 100 yards from a bag rest with monotonous regularity.If your gun is putting in 8inch groups then surely you need to practice a bit more or else change the pellets you use for long ranges
    As has already been stated on more than one occasion.Just because "YOU" can't do it don't knock those who canAnd please don't think that because "YOU" can't do it that it can't be done,because it most assuredly can be done
    There is a review of a diminutive BSA PCP gun that shows the tester hitting a small bell out at 100yards with regularity.I would suggest that if you have an HW100 that can not emulate this, then change the gun for something a bit accurateor at least find out why the gun is useless compared to almost evry other gun on the market
    I own Chinese CO2 guns that will group better than 8 inches at 100 yardsI guess thats why so many HW100's get put up for sale.

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    200 M is possible.


    See the link. 200yrd is nothing 200M is the new target
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    And with a springer Good shooting.
    HW80, AA S400F, Canon 5D mkII, all the gear and no idea.

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    of course 200 yards can be done just take abit of luck to hit the target its just about elevation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowie View Post
    I have more experience with rimfire than airgun but I have a hw100 .22 and find this story of this guy hitting a can freestanding at 100 yards a bit far fetched
    At Bisley a few weeks back people were hitting a target that size at 60 yards, and a slightly larger one at 73+ yards......with 100 year old rifles and OPEN SIGHTS (standing).

    I can hit beer cans 6 out of 10 times at 60 yards standing unsupported with no wind with this;

    The only limitation is the lack of scope grooves, the gun is a very consistent (+/- 8fps) in .22, runs at 11.6 energy, and the barrel is probably better quality than a lot of modern guns (grooves cut one at a time, hand polished etc. from the days when things were made properly...they were done on the same principles as the .22 BSA Martini match, and Lee Enfields built in the same plant).

    Oh, and It's 101 years old!

    (To be fair it is in little used, VGC mechanical condition, many do not survive as well)

    ATB, Ed

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    I think a can at 100 yards free-standing is totally within reason.

    I was bored the other week so decided to have a bit of plinking fun on my permissions. I was using my TX200HC and have never previously shot further than around 50 yards. I paced out 100 yards down a track under the cover of trees and stood a small mineral water bottle up (400ml).

    It took me about 4 shots to hit it at 100 yards. After that I could hit it around 2-3 times in every 5. The next week I did the same with my HW80, hit it first time, then managed 2-3 in every 5 again. Both springers are under 12ft/lbs .22 and I was using a 3-9x40. I was zeroed at 30 yards. Not sure what hold-over I was using, but at 9x mag I was putting the bottle only a few mm off the bottom of the image.

    I must confess that I was prone, but nonetheless it was fun

    I doubt very much I'd have scored many shots from a standing position and didn't even try it, but I'm not used to those distances, so somebody with more skill than me could easily pick off a can from standing fairly consistently I would think, with the right rifle.

    It was great fun either way, although there isn't much power left in the pellet by the time it hits home.....I was struggling to make out where I'd hit. A slight indent was about all the [domed] pellet managed.

    Obviously you'll need some fairly serious space to plink at these distances and you need to be super aware of any potential safety issues.

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    Years ago at one of our local clubs we'd put an empty pellet tin out at around 100 yards. I could quite easily hit it freestanding on a very calm day.
    I was using a Hawke Sidewinder 30 with the SR12 reticle. The reticle's reverse A,B,C,D Tee lines made for good reference points. I miss the SR12, personally much preferred over the AMX which replaced it.
    The Rife was a HW100KT .22 but with an added Anschutz butt hook. A fair bit more hold over with .22 but much more predictable thus more repeatable. I've shot a lot of 10 meters and gallery freestanding which all helps when trying to achieve the more tricky stuff.

    200 yards with a springer would probably need to be shot off the bench with a bag, but perhaps freestanding is possible with the right setup, conditions etc.
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    One place I used to go I was able to shoot slightly downwards into water which would have been well over 100 yards and maybe a lot further, The biggest problem shooting long distances is knowing exactly where your pellet as landed, Hitting a tennis ball at the above distance could be done within a couple if shots, Shooting horizontally however as some many factors, I took a hw100 and a huntsman classic out one morning , Hw 100 was shooting at 11.4 and the huntsman classic was shooting at 10.9 , I was struggling with the hw100 at 60 yards however the huntsman classic would out shoot it, Both were 22 cal,

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