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Thread: tuning a gun to a pellet (no tuning tips here)

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    tuning a gun to a pellet (no tuning tips here)

    Ok heres my question, a few people i have spoken to while out shootin talk of their favourite pellet doing this or that, because they have tuned the gun to the pellet ALL UNDER 12ftlbs by the way.
    Is this ok if its the only pellet that you use in the gun??
    I could do with this clearing up as i obviously want to be on the right side of the law.
    I would hate to be out doing some pest controll and end up getting into trouble with the law, especially while at times people like the bloke with the hook and one eye going around shoutin bin laden while the pilice stand by watchin.

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    The law states that your rifle must not be CAPABLE of exceeding the limit and this does mean with ANY pellet.

    Questions of testing and leniency varies from force to force.

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    Surely any rifle is capable of exceeding the limit?

    Just a thought

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    Almost true Brodie, that's why the present law is a bad one.


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    Yup, it's an ass
    but we have to work within it all the same.
    It is easily open to strict interpretation and if your Police Force test with a certain pellet and find it over 12ft/lb they can royally screw your nuts to a cell.
    Doesn't mean it will happen but....

    There's been a huge amount of debate on here and the consensus is always to tune to well below for safetys sake.
    Regarding all guns being CAPABLE, that's why the Home Office are currently pressuring manufacturers to make it impossible for us mere users to tweak our guns.
    If the Police can prove that you tampered with the gun then you'll be prosecuted, and you can guarantee that really means that you have to prove you didn't.

    My advise is to find the best performing pellet (highest ft/lb) and tune the gun to 11.5 max (remembering power curve for PCPs). Performance wise there's little difference between 10 - 12 ft/lb for hunting at air rifle ranges (sub 50 Yds) anyway. Anything else and you're risking your gun/liberty.

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