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    My First Comp at SEAC

    Shot my first comp at SEAC on Sunday. Me Thinks to the practice range I shall go. Went round with Steve (who helped me so much last weekend) and watched as he notched up not only a very good score but more enjoyably for me made some very nice shots including a "kill" at 60+ yards.

    The comp is over 15 lanes with 2 shots on each lane at silouhette targets. Scoring is easy 3 for a kill (knockdown), 1 for a face plate shot (hit but stays up) and 0 for a miss including a few obscured targets which were kill or nothing.

    On a personal note I ended up with 32 points total to put that into context steve hit 28 on the first 15 shots
    Neve r though did I feel silly or embarassed and all the way round Steve and the more experienced guys were really supportive without being patronising and I came away from the comp to tuck into a welcome bacon sarnie knowing a lot more about myself in terms of my shooting and brimming over with new tips and hints which I will endeavour to put into practice next week.

    Great fun and watch out Steve Next time I'll wear a false beard and go round twice might be bit closer then... or perhaps not


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    Don't worry too much about your score Ollie, Steve was using a bi-pod Glad you enjoyed yourself and see you next week.

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    Grampian Air Rifle Club

    Grampian Air Rifle Club with a superb indoor range very close to the centre of Aberdeen.
    Also a 60 Target Hunter Field Target course within a 40 minutes drive of Aberdeen.
    4 events per month.
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    Inverness, Highlands, God's own country.
    Strathpeffer Rifle & Pistol Club
    (Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, Highlands)

    25m, 8 covered firing points, outdoor range, available 24/7 for members.

    Club meets on Sunday mornings for BS sessions, tea, coffee, hot snacks, etc....oh, and shooting!

    Club also uses a local 600 yard range once per month.

    Shoots anything legal, Air weapons, Muzzle loaders, LBR's/LBP's, small bore/full-bore/gallery rifles.

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    Ingatestone, Essex

    Mays shooting club

    We are just a small club but a very friendly one.
    The club is near Abridge in Essex which is only 10 mins drive from junction 26 of the M25.
    We hold competitions on a fortnightly basis.
    The club is only open on sunday mornings 9.30 until 1pm
    Free tea and coffee.

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    SHIPLEY west yorks

    Thumbs up Ilkley Rifle and Pistol Club

    Ilkley R&PC,we are a small but friendly target shooting club.
    Four lanes at 20yds standing and 25yds prone.
    Auto changers on all four lanes on 10mtr nights
    We cater for air and rimfire.
    The clubroom and range is heated and available to members everyday, with evenings dedicated to various disciplines.
    Home office approved facility.
    Affiliated to the NSRA.Yorkshire County Association & The Leeds & District association.
    Membership 75.00 per yr, 20.00 jnrs, 2.00 a week range fee.
    If you are interested in target shooting contact : [email]
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    Ossett & District Rifle & Pistol Club

    Ossett & District Rifle & Pistol Club, a private shooting club offering indoor pistol and rifle range facilities. We are a Home Office Approved range, Affiliated to The N.S.R.A and a member of the Civil Service Sports Council Target Shooting Association.

    Ossett and District Rifle and Pistol Club was founded in 1940s, originally just for Target Rifle shooting but later expanded to include the Pistol Disciplines.

    The club is situated in Ossett, within easy reach of the M1 and M62. The club has four lanes for .22 (small-bore) rifle and six lanes for air rifle/pistol.

    Ossett rifle section, including Light Weight Rifle and Benchrest has regular club nights on Monday and Tuesday evenings. The air weapons section shoots on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

    Disciplines include 25 yard prone rifle, 20 yard light weight rifle, 20 yard benchrest, 10 metre air pistol/rifle, 10 metre standard air pistol, 20 yards air pistol and 20 yards sporting air rifle. Individuals also shoot 50 yards, 50 metres and 100 yards at local outdoor ranges.

    MembershipUnder current legislation, all prospective members have to serve a probationary period. This is a minimum of 4 months. In this period, full voluntary tuition will be given by current members, with the aid of a variety of club equipment such as rifles, scopes, jackets, elbow pads and earmuffs.

    Following this probationary period, if you have satisfied the committee, you will be considered for full membership.

    On mastering basic shooting skills and the safety aspects of the sport, you will be encouraged to enter leagues and competitions.

    The Club enters summer and winter postal league competitions in the various associations to which the Club belongs, all of which are shot on our range.

    Members are required to follow Ossett & District Rifle & Pistol Club range safety rules at all times.

    You can contact us by email:

    Membership enquiries:


    General enquiries:

    You can also call and leave us a message on 07905 771077.

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    Does anyone know to a club open late in the midlands

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    I am looking for a club in or near Edinburgh can anyone give me a shout if they now of any place they think will suit me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James1712 View Post
    I am looking for a club in or near Edinburgh can anyone give me a shout if they now of any place they think will suit me.

    type kenny weddel is chairman of the club ...hope this helps
    assistant sec, bolton airguns society.

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    Castleton Air Rifle Club nr Cardiff/Newport

    Castleton Air Rifle Club (C.A.R.C) is situated just off the A48 between Cardiff and Newport, in the Village Hall at Castleton.

    The Postcode is CF3 2UW

    The club meets every Monday night at about 7.30pm (but we start setting up about 7-ish).

    The only Mondays the club is not open is on bank holidays.

    Although the club is run as a non-profit making venture, there is a small "subs" charge made, to cover the cost of hiring the hall, buying targets etc.

    The range is indoors, so bad weather is not an issue.

    There are 9 shooting positions, to allow You to fire at various knockdown targets, paper targets, tin cans, empty shotgun cartridges etc (These positions are run on a rotational basis when the club is busy).

    It is all very informal, although safety is given paramount attention at all times.

    The emphasis is on fun, rather than competition, though we do hold fun competitions with a running Deer target from time to time. It's on a knockout basis, and cash prizes are awarded to both the overall winner, and the highest score of the night.......great fun!!

    The shooting is only part of the benefit of visiting the club though, as we sell discounted pellets, Co2, cleaning kits, gun cases, oils and silicone cloths, targets, etc etc during the tea break.

    Tea, coffee, cup-a-soup, cold cans, sweets and biscuits are available too.

    We also hold raffles a few times a year, with prizes of rifles, pistols, scopes, gun cases or whatever.....well worth winning!!!!

    Along with all the aforementioned, the best aspect of the club is the social side of it.

    It is great to be amongst other shooters with a similar interest, and the knowledge and advice that is gladly given from other members is priceless.
    If You are needing a spare part, then there is a good chance that someone will have one buried away somewhere.
    Even shooting permissions are shared between club I said, the benefits of attending the club are many-fold.

    Although it is called a Rifle club, pistols are welcome too.

    In-fact, any airgun is allowed, as long as it conforms to the sub 12ftlb law for rifles, and the sub 6ftlbs law for pistols. A chrono is available for power testing.

    The only airguns that are not allowed are BB guns, due to the danger of ricochets.

    So, if You are at a loose end on a Monday night, and fancy coming along, then You will be made more than welcome.

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    Smile Lovely setting, and fond memories.

    Quote Originally Posted by craig_goswell View Post
    As said In thread "beginners welcome" here is the first club. If the mods could make this a sticky that would be brilliant.

    Aldershot rifle and pistol club

    Based in hampshire

    Two outdoor covered firing point ranges 100yrds and 50yrds with the latter being flood lit.

    Indoor 25yrd for match pistol and rifle sub6ft/lb

    Nice club house with toilets seating area and full kitchen.

    Use of range mats, chronograph, rifle rests, club guns etc.

    Currently two qualified coaches soon to be three.

    NRA and NSRA affiliated.

    Every Discipline welcome.

    Internal H.F.T competition

    As we are a new air section to an already well established club, we are seeking new members.

    website: (currently doesnt have an air rifle link)
    BBS thread: Here
    Just wanted to say I was a member back in the early 70s and I have very fond memories of shooting there, the outside range is great. Back then members had alsorts of guns I remember one who had a black powder 45 which took ages to load and then filled the whole place with dense wonderfully smelling smoke, oh yes it blew great big holes in the targets when he managed to hit them.

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    Hollins Green HFT Club

    We are a small club near Clay Cross nr Chesterfield

    We have a 45 yard zero range and club hut and use of a 2 acre field also a 3 acres of woodland on the next farm

    We meet on Wednesday evenings and Sundays from 09.00

    Contact by Email or PM

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    Shebbear Shooters

    In our tenth year now, outdoor FT and HFT in about 5 acres of ground. Indoor facility to 20 yards care of the local village hall.

    NSRA affiliated.

    SWEFTA affiliated.

    Catchment area roughly North West Devon and North Cornwall, anywhere from Okehampton west to the Atlantic Ocean and up to Ilfracombe in the north. Ask for Rich and try the coffee

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    two woodland shoots and a 33ydr indoor range,
    we meet every wednesday and sunday,
    for more info and directions visit our website.
    HFT crazey,

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