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Thread: Combat services charity - please support at no cost to yourself

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    Exclamation Combat services charity - please support at no cost to yourself

    Mods - Hope you don't mind me posting this - I have cleared it with Jackal.

    For those of you that were lucky enough to enjoy the day at Pirbright the other week you will know that it was run as a joint day with the Combat Services Charity and H4H.

    The Scottish chap on the crutches on the day was Captain Eddie Boyce. It was Eddie and his wife who provided the food and worked tirelessly to make the day a success. It is the respect that Eddie has earned through his work that saw 45 Commando Royal Marines drive down from Arbroath in Scotland to support the day, along with serving members of the Royal Air Force, and other branches of our Armed Services and a boisterous bunch of civilian shooters

    The CSC have already raised 160,000 which they donated to H4H, but that money which Eddie and his wife worked so hard to collect basically paid the salaries of two fundraisers who work for H4H.

    As a result they have decided to go it alone and with the support of some very dedicated trustees who give their fundraising time for free the Combat Services Charity was formed and then registered as a Charity in January this year. The Charity is now set up and is moving forward with websites and details of their goals and ambitions set up to act as a small charity without the big salaries and corporate expense budgets of the other charities, with an ultimate ambition of providing a dedicated military hospital (something that doesn't exist at the moment) to support all wounded servicemen and women across all wars and conflicts, and provide care for not just the physical but the psychological trauma.

    The details of the Combat services charity are here

    I can't give you the live web-page for the charity yet, but it is being finalised and is expected to be up and running early next week. I will update accordingly

    There is a system available to support the CSC for those who are interested through the Easyfundraiser website.

    This system works as a portal for all your online shopping and allows you to donate to your selected charity as you shop at no extra cost to yourself, meaning that we can continue to support Treats for Troops and other charities of your choice.

    IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY COST YOU ANY MONEY because the donations are made as a small percentage of the purchase you made with participating retailers who have agreed to donate to charities participating in the scheme as directed by their You pay the advertised retail price and the retailer donates a small percentage on completion of the sale.

    Participating retailers include Amazon, Tesco, Asda, ,, and shedloads of others including electronics manufacturers such as Phillips etc.

    Anyway the link is here

    You can sign up and any shopping you want to do online you can do through your account and the donations will be made. It's pretty new to the CSC so you will be among the first ones to join up and support it.

    I joined the Easyfundraising scheme for CSC at the start and have been doing a bit of online Christmas shopping - the price you see is the price you pay and any donations come out of the retailers's a win-win situation.

    Just thought I'd share it for those interested in supporting a very worthy cause.

    Thank you for time .

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    Thats a very worthy cause Nm, you have my respect and support , and have gone up in my estimation 100%

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    Great idea count me in..

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