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Thread: ABAS Major inf wanted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garvin View Post
    If someone would be kind enough to send me some Abas disassembly/assembly instructions, I'll put them in the gallery.
    I don't have any detailed written instructions Danny, but I have disassembled a few of these and can give one or two words of advice:

    1. You start by removing the two grub screws in the muzzle cap. This enables the cocking lever pivot pin to be tapped out and the front sight to be unscrewed.
    2. With these out of the way, the muzzle cap can be unscrewed. The gun is then straightforward to strip in the usual way.

    Two cautions:

    1. The muzzle cap has quite a fine thread, so you have to be extra cautious that you don't cross it when replacing it under the pressure of the spring.
    2. When removing the loading tap, be aware that there is a spring loaded steel ball underneath the tap lever, which can fly out and get lost if you are not expecting it.


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    Thanks John.
    Vintage Airguns Gallery
    ..Above link posted with permission from Gareth W-B
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    Thank you very much, John. That's exactly the type of info I was looking for.


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