Hi Guys and Gals,

I know this is a bit of a cheek as I don't come on the BBS much at all these days, and when I do I am selling more often than not, but, I have run this past the mods and got the ok... thank you mods

My son Ashley and I are going to be doing the London to Brighton cycle ride this year in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Since losing his Grandad (my dad) to a heart attack 6 years ago Ashley has done the ride 5 times, he has always wanted us to do it together and this year we are. I have a justgiving.com page at the link below and I would be very grateful for any donations you feel able to give.

This BBS has always been second to none for putting its hand in its pocket and supporting good causes, and I know it has it's favourite charities involving our armed forces, if any of you feel willing and able to give a few quid to this cause it would be excellent, if you don't or can't, I understand completely.

Many thanks for even bothering to read this thread, the link for donations is below -