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Thread: No sales in reloading please

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    Why can I not see a "firearms sales section"?

    Dear all,
    Why can I not see a "firearms sales section"? I realise I have just signed up to this forum but I cannot understand why I cannot have access to this.
    Could someone please let me know why?
    Do I have to post "x" amount of threads to have access to this part of the site?
    I personally know a few members on this site (face to face) so would that help?

    All help appreciated

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    Wanted: 45-70 once fired cases

    Has anyone got a 100 x 45-70 once fired cases that they can part with.
    Please pm me
    Thank you
    CZ455 American .22LR, Marlin 1894 .357 and 1935 8mm Mauser K98k S42/G (RC), Remy .308 AICS, RPR 6.5 creedmoor, no4 1* LB 1943, NRA RCO

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