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    Mods any chance this can be kept on the first page please?

    As above, our club the Taw and Torridge is getting behind this, as one of our members has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.The member wants to raise awareness of this amongst the Wildfowling and Shooting and Fishing Community, to this end, he wants us to join in Movember
    BASC is also involved
    Send a photo, there will be an email address for this, and there will be a days shooting (Pheasant I believe) for the 'tache' the member deems the best, there will be some other shooting being put up as well.

    For the Fishermen, Sea Trout, and Salmon in North Devon

    Please spread this to your clubs and Syndicates, in fact all Shooters and Fishers


    Facebook page

    Don't just stop there we would like to see photos of your good fortune and experiences. Please spread this to any shooters and fishermen in this land as we will have some prizes for those who really stand out.

    Please spread this news round the shooting and fishing scene
    If you would like to support us with a donation (for which we would be very grateful!) you can go on-line and visit the
    "MOVEMBER uk foundation "site -

    Type in: Croyde"MOW"vembers

    Click "Country Garden Croyde ltd Bruce"...."donate to me"

    And follow further instructions to put in any amount you wish to donate....and leave a message if you so wish.

    Also to mention keep an eye out for information on dates at the end of November concerning a night of fundraising at The King's Arms (courtesy of Steve cavie..thanks Steve.)
    There will be a tremendous shave off of various standards, sizes and colours of moustache!!!! It should be a good night!
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    As this is nearing the end, and for those of you on Faceache, can we get some likes on the page please, (Don't forget me please)


    Facebook Page

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    Bump because its a good cause and

    it shares the same as the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. Movember, Prostate cancer and mental illness

    Not trying to hijack so if the mods feel otherwise, please remove this post

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    Worthy of a Bump as we approach the month of November...
    About nine or ten years ago, I defied my miserable grinch of a boss who denied us all of growing a 'tache saying we would 'look ridiculous'.
    I kept it and its still growing strong....helped along with copious quantities of Moustache wax....
    If you've been thinking on it - do it !

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