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Thread: Long range sub 12

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    Long range sub 12

    Hi guys ,
    I recently posted a thread on a different section of the forum explaining how a farmer had watched me check my zero at 50 meters . He asked how far I could shoot accurately and I said beyond 50 meters I had no idea so he marched the target out and put it down . I pinged the target at 81 yards . I fully expected to get pelets eventually getting there 6" apart but I was really surprised at the results ( see pic ) . I guessed the holdover for my first shot and readjusted from that shot to shoot the remaining 4 from a group of 5 . My target was a 1" sticker on which I had drawn a 6mm POA . I was amazed at the group for a first attempt . Over the weekend I decided to look further into it and put a target out at a pinged 100 yards . Results were much different results considering there was just 20 yards difference from my earlier try . Firstly the holdover was much greater so I was forced to guess it . I estimated I was 6 mildot over but the windage was very similar to the original 80 yard hold off . I did manage to hit a identical 1" sticker with 2 shots from a string of 10 and others were close but it really was more luck than managment without zeroing again to a much longer range . Pellet penetration still saw all of my shots penetrate MDF completely so their skirt was flush with the surface of the wood . This has to be a lesson to those who send shots into the unknown while shooting outdoors with a " it's only a airgun" mindset because those pellets retain enough energy at 100+ yards to easily damage people and property . I am looking forward to having a try at the 75 yard shotgun shell challenge in the near future . I hunt every day with my rifle but as a rule I find target shooting quite boring but a necessary part of my hunting . I usually do a hour a day practicing but usually most of that is unsupported standing because it is my weakest shooting position . The long range shooting is a fun break for me and I will definitely be experimenting more in the near future . Thanks for your time . Atb Ricky

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    Very interesting. You benefit from some spare time that I could only dream of though! You practice an hour a day on targets plus spend time hunting every day. With a job, a wife, a kid and a dog I am not going to get anywhere near that much 'me time'.

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    Interesting post, Ricky, and nice shooting.

    As per post #2, I wish I had that sort of time (and range to practice).

    Your observations on retained energy / penetration are very interesting, too. When we attend the Boinger Bash events, at the end of the Sunday we have a walk down to the bottom of the field and have a look at the targets - the furthest are 75 yards. And the pellets are well flattened and mangled! So, as you say, they're still carrying energy at that range and beyond.
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    I spent some time in Mid Wales at my sisters last week who has a large garden , was lucky enough to smuggle my Hw100 and my Hw77 both in .177 in the car without the mrs noticing that they took up quite a bit of room One nice evening after a couple of ciders decided to have a plink at a crows head spinner . First at 40y then 50, 60 and then 70y there was no wind at all and with the Hw100 it was easy so then switched to my SFS Hw77 and it was just as accurate at 70y as the Hw100 Just wish I had some empty 12g shells with me to have a go at the challenge . The next night I had another go but the wind had picked up not by much but made it much harder think long range plinking is best done in windless conditions especially if the wind is gusting slightly , It does make it much harder to judge correct windage
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    I have been shooting at my local club since last April, which is at the Tinsley Park Shooting Club, Burnam sports ground, just off the A610 near IKEA, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. Since joining the club, I have really enjoyed stretching out the range with my sub 12ft/lb air rifles. I have a Webley LiteW8 .22, Air Arms S200 .22 pre-charge. I also use my daughters Hatsan Galatian .22 pre-charge and my AGS Valuemax .22, plus and Gamo Whisper IGT .177 Gas ram. Our range extends out to 107 yards at its furthest, which is around 98 metres. I now seldom shoot below 35 yards, and usually zero from between 40 to 50 yards, then using my mil dot hold over shoot steel plate reactive targets and hanging plastic bottles out to 107 yards. The following video shows me using my Gamo Whisper IGT gas ram a week or so ago. I recently chronographed the rifle, which averaged between 9.44 and 9.55 with Daystate and JSB .177 8.4 grain pellets respectively. Even at this power it is a very capable rifle, and still has the punch to penetrate the hanging 6 inch x 2 inch 380 ml Lucozade bottles, which is well worth knowing when you consider a miss out in the field. I had the rifle zeroed at 40 yards. The hold over on my 4 mil dot Walther scope was equivalent to 6 mil dots, or about 1/4 of the way down the cross hair post reticle. When using my .22 rifles, which are around 11.5 ft/lbs my point of aim is around 3/4 way down the reticle post to achieve the same point of impact.

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    nice shooting bud

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