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Thread: Hawke Airmax 30 SF 6-24x50

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    Hawke Airmax 30 SF 6-24x50

    I've been using a Sidewinder TAC 4.5-14x42 on my CZ527 .22 Hornet K, but fancied a bit more top end mag without loosing too much at the bottom, so having tested a few scopes had decided on a Genesis 5-20x50, so was doing the rounds to see who would do the best deal when I was rather side-swiped by the Airmax.

    I had looked through one before but fitted to a personal rifle so I didn't like to fiddle with the optic setting, and while it was good I wasn't blown away by it, but here in this shop I was able to adjust it perfectly for my eye & also hold it next to the Genesis for a direct comparison on my eye in identical conditions and I have to say that to my eye the airmax was far superior, clearer, brighter & crisper over the whole range and when offered a price that beat anything I've seen online it was a done deal.

    It seems Hawke have decided that the fancy hard case their high end scopes came in is no longer cost effective, (which is fine by me as it just sits in the cupboard), so you just get a well padded box with shaped foam inserts to hold the included sunshade & 4" sidewheel, also included as standard are metal flip-up covers, not unlike those from MTC, along with tools to remove/adjust them & a tool to fit the sidewheel, the flip-ups are a huge improvement over the metal screw covers of the previous Sidewinder.

    The AMX ret is a mil dot, with the addition of 1/2 mils & xmas tree of windage lines on the bottom leg only, so it has what you need without being too "busy" I like that a lot, it also has a red IR on a smooth adjuster rather than pre-set levels, the on/off is a firm click then set it to exactly what you want.

    Glass quality (to my eye) is a match for the Sidewinder, ie excellent, I've just been watching a tractor hay turning across the valley, clear enough to see the rakes spinning & throwing the cut grass out to the sides & the crows rooting through looking for food - according to the ordinance survey map that field is 3.8km away, come back to 10yds on the SF & clear enough to see the individual grass seeds on a stem.

    One other huge improvement is the lack of a lock ring on the fast focus eye bell which makes fitting a NV add-on much easier, so far the nights have been a bit misty to really test but even so 230yds+ with my Wardy 700 +T50.

    This is a 10/10 scope.

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    Same scope with 'screw on' NV set up

    They are great scope

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    I have the 8-32 x 50 and its a decent scope but can get a bit fuzzy out to 50 metres in full mag.

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