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Thread: Sub 12fpe long ranges

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    Benchrested with a 5.5x25x50 milldot bushy scope , its 100metres at my local range. One breezeless early morning did 12 hits out of 12 onto a 40mm spinner from my .20rapid and 5 consecutive hits onto a 15mm spinner with my .177 rapid. On windless days I also manage a hit rate of about 2/10 aiming at spent .22 cartridges at 100yards although hit rate falls to about 1/100 if its even a little breezey.


    That is some mighty impressive shooting

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    Long range groups

    I actually started a thread on here over 10 tears ago about long range grouping with sub 12fpe air rifles. I managed a 32mm CtC gtoup at 100yds. I've shot a standard 40mm Field target and knocked it over at 130yds. I've never tried anything past this distance.. There is a video knocking around somewhere with John Farbrother hitting an egg at 200yds

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    I used my HW30 to hit a 4" square junction box cover at 102 yards. It took a half dozen shots to dial in the scope. After that I hit it 15 times consecutively. I quit at 15 figuring I'd already pushed my luck. I shoot beer cans at 100yds with it all the time. Even got my wife's girlfriend hitting one repeatedly at a hundred yards after I had it dialed in. It was a blast. She was giggling like a school girl.

    I just moved to 113 acres in Arkansas. The most I can shoot here is 50 yards so far. There's a stretch of power line clearing I can get out 200 to 400 yards. Once I'm settled in I want to try 200 with some of my stronger springers.

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